Nextcloud Deck, Social and Forms: We’re listening to your thoughts and feature-wishes!

Hello Nextcloud fans!

Would you help us build great self hosted apps that cover all your day to day needs?

We shared a survey a few weeks ago along with the Nextcloud Deck 1.0 release announcement to collect your thoughts on Deck and better understand your needs.

Our survey about Deck turned out to be a very good way to listen to the users and we’re taking the ‘most popular’ feature-wishes into consideration for the next set of improvements! Now we’d like to ask again for your honest feedback, this time on Nextcloud Social and Nextcloud Forms.

What’s coming next in Nextcloud? You tell us 😉

If you want your feature-needs regarding any of these apps to be considered for the upcoming releases all you have to do is take the surveys below and tick the boxes that match your thoughts 🙂

Nextcloud Forms
Nextcloud Social
Nextcloud Deck


A forms app, to de-Google and self-host your forms with the possibility to restrict access (members, certain groups/users, and public).


Nextcloud is part of the federated social networks!

And if you haven’t answered about Deck yet, you can still do that!


Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.

As you might have noticed, the Nextcloud team is working hard to improve the Nextcloud appstore and make users happy by improving the store itself, by encouraging the development of new apps or integrations that would cover more needs and by continuously bettering existing apps. Our awesome community of contributors, users and YOU are key to achieve all these!

Your help is very much appreciated and we are super excited to see that more people everyday want to help us make Nextcloud better in any way they can. THANKS!

What can you do for Nextcloud?

  • If you’d like to propose a new feature for these apps that is not mentioned in the survey and help in developing it, you can do so on GitHub. Or read all the info available on being part of the community here.

  • If you are interested in developing your own brand new app, you can always get help through all the information available on our developer page, and also our developer program might sound interesting to you.

  • If you are a super happy Nextcloud user and want to help us spread the word about Nextcloud or you want to inspire other people to liberate their data, you can always write a review about Nextcloud in one of the following platforms. What’s the best thing about Nextcloud so far?

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