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c5de4d123454c2a83ec9a49b7a41cce47744469dThose of you eagerly awaiting the Nextcloud Conference kickoff on Friday, here’s an extra teaser: our schedule is live! As you can see, we have about 50 talks and sessions about a wide variety of subjects around private cloud technology with a focus on the future. Help us realize our vision of a real alternative to proprietary cloud solutions!


In the inspirational department there are of course the keynotes by Jane Silber (CEO of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu) and Karen Sandler, executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Follwing the keynotes, lightning talks are featured as a way to kickstart good conversations!

Karen Sandler

Karen Sandler

Open source is built upon the concept of ‘copyleft’, where users are guaranteed certain freedoms. Without understanding those, the open and reciprocal nature of open source makes no sense. Karen Sandlers’ extensive legal experience as well as community involvement as director of the GNOME foundation, where she kickstarted the Outreachy project gives an unique insight in what makes open source communities work from both a business, a legal as well as a human perspective.

Chief Executive Officer at Canonical, Jane brings 20 years of business experience to the company behind the most widely used Linux distribution, Ubuntu. She has a background in machine learning and artificial intelligence, bringing together business and technology to the benefit of users. Canonical has made a massive impact on the world and it is great to hear something about the how and why from somebody who has been involved for over a decade!

Not only the keynote speakers aim to inspire. Several talks present visions and ideas around private cloud computing, like former KDE E.v. Presidents Cornelius Schumachers’ session on Fair Web Services and Federation inventor and Free Software Foundation Europe coordinator Bjoern Schiessle’s session on Working in the Open. And, of course, the dude who made Nextcloud so easy to use, Jan, is always looking for new members of the Nextcloud design team!

Jane Silber

Jane Silber


We’ll go beyond inspiration into conversation. On our Focus Friday, Frank will kick off with a conversation about the Nextcloud roadmap – while a lot of contributors have already discussed their plans, we are looking for more input! That will continue in the sessions on Security and Federation by Lukas and Bjoern. The last session of the day is particularly focused on getting input from participants: what can we do to improve the scalability of Nextcloud by another order of magnitude?

On Sunday, Felix Epp from the Fraunhofer Institut asks how a future generation of Nextcloud could make privacy and security more tangible — a session worth participating in!


As we’ve said before: this is a hands-on event, bring your laptop!

5 years ago - we continue to work on that vision!

5 years ago – we continue to work on that vision!

Not everybody might be at home in Nextcloud and its PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML so we also present a Nextcloud coding for beginners sessions. This is in the smaller hacking room – and very much about helping you get going. So if you have an idea for an app or are already working on one but want some help, this is the place to be!

Saturday, Michael Meeks asks for your input (in terms of lines of code!) to integrate Collabora Online deeper into Nextcloud while the Android team also gets together to move our extremely popular client further.

Sunday afternoon we’ll help you improve the security of your Nextcloud app and work on the Nextcloud Snap!
But this is not where the work stops. Monday until Thursday are entirely dedicated to discussion and coding. We will plan sessions on a whiteboard, scheduling the meeting room, while in the hacking rooms you’ll be able to join the people who worked on Nextcloud since day one and help move it forward into the future!

Find many more sessions in our published schedule.

The Nextcloud Conference – be there!

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