Friday Focus: Enterprise Use of Nextcloud at the Conference

The Nextcloud conference features a focus day on Friday around use of Nextcloud in large deployments. A variety of customers and partners is working with Nextcloud on deployments and migrations and will be there to be part of the conversation. The goal is to have strategic discussion about what the Nextcloud architecture can do today and where it should go in the future.

The event will give you an opportunity to discuss the capabilities you need from Nextcloud with the people who wrote the code, rather than a sales representative, management or marketing people. This way we can go beyond the problems and actually discuss solutions and directions for the future!


While the general conference program is still being finalized, we have put together a program for the Friday. Click on the links below to learn more about the subjects and speakers!

Time Subject Speakers
10:00-10:30 Welcome! Frank Karlitschek and Andreas Rode
10:30-11:00 A roadmap for Nextcloud Frank Karlitschek
11:00-1:30 Security architecture Lukas Reschke
11:30-12:00 Next Generation Federation Björn Schießle
12:00-12:30 Database Scalability Oli Sennhauser
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:45 Support and a successful Proof of Concept Olivier Paroz, Morris Jobke
14:45-15:30 User Management (LDAP/SAML/OTP/etc) Arthur Schiwon
15:30-17:00 Scalability architecture: overview, plans and discussion Dennis Pennings and Frank Karlitschek
17:00 and onwards Launch Party

You can register now for the conference!

To get an idea of the talks we’ve already planned for the rest of the event, see the schedule.

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