Friday Focus: Enterprise Use of Nextcloud at the Conference

The Nextcloud conference features a focus day on Friday around use of Nextcloud in large deployments. A variety of customers and partners is working with Nextcloud on deployments and migrations and will be there to be part of the conversation. The goal is to have strategic discussion about what the Nextcloud architecture can do today and where it should go in the future.

The event will give you an opportunity to discuss the capabilities you need from Nextcloud with the people who wrote the code, rather than a sales representative, management or marketing people. This way we can go beyond the problems and actually discuss solutions and directions for the future!


While the general conference program is still being finalized, we have put together a program for the Friday. Click on the links below to learn more about the subjects and speakers!

10:00-10:30Welcome!Frank Karlitschek and Andreas Rode
10:30-11:00A roadmap for NextcloudFrank Karlitschek
11:00-1:30Security architectureLukas Reschke
11:30-12:00Next Generation FederationBjörn Schießle
12:00-12:30Database ScalabilityOli Sennhauser
14:00-14:45Support and a successful Proof of ConceptOlivier Paroz, Morris Jobke
14:45-15:30User Management (LDAP/SAML/OTP/etc)Arthur Schiwon
15:30-17:00Scalability architecture: overview, plans and discussionDennis Pennings and Frank Karlitschek
17:00 and onwardsLaunch Party

You can register now for the conference!

To get an idea of the talks we’ve already planned for the rest of the event, see the schedule.

Notable Replies

  1. Is this a web conference or a on-site conference?

  2. oparoz says:

    On site, where you can meet speakers, potential partners and contributors face to face.

  3. Will videos be made available? If it helps, I can edit them and clean up the sound etc, if someone can just set up a phone with a tripod or something to record them.

  4. guddl says:

    That would be nice :innocent:

  5. HI @system
    A live video stream would be awesome for those of us unable to get to Berlin.
    Also, please remember if there is a preferred social media hashtag to be used in reference to the conference
    and/or should we use the main #nextcloud channel on IRC?

  6. A live video stream would be awesome

    I suspect that Spreed wasn't really designed for this, but I can't help but wonder if there could be any way to use it to stream the conference live to more than a handful of people...

    If not, there's always YouTube live or Periscope. Chris over at Jupiter Broadcasting also has a lot of experience with live Broadcasting using FOSS tools, and could no doubt advise.

  7. We will probably not be able to do live streaming, sorry for that... We will record and put the videos live, though.

    With regards to hash tags, we'll just use the normal #nextcloud one, otherwise it just gets complicated imho.

    And yeah, #nextcloud on IRC too - or probably more activity in #nextcloud-dev there.

  8. Why ever not? It's super simple with something like Periscope. Just install the app. Log in with a Twitter handle. Type a broadcast name and click broadcast. My 5 year old can do it, so I'm sure it shouldn't be difficult for a l33t bunch of uber haxorz such as Team Nextcloud™ :wink: Or is it more of a philosophical thing about not wanting to use a closed network app like Periscope / FB live?

    Glad to hear there will be videos though. :smiley:

  9. We'd love to use some way of streaming, but 'easy' is not the right term - we recorded the event with two traditional video cameras, not webcams :wink:

    Maybe next year we can find a better solution, I will certainly try.

  10. Seriously though, if you don't mind using something like Facebook live/YouTube/ periscope, it's as simple as opening the app, adding a title and hitting the stream button. As long as you have decent wifi and lighting it's easier than sending an email.

    Granted it's a lot trickier using FOSS tools at the moment, although far from impossible.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing all the videos, whatever form they come in!

  11. I find it fascinating how few events do live streaming. I can appreciate in a large venue sound management might require some thought and long USB microphone cables, but then you'll have that problem on prehistoric cameras anyway.

    Where was this video anyway? It's been a long time since August and I'd like to see the Enterprise Use vid :smiley:

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