Nextcloud Conference 2023 keynote speaker: Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps

We are excited to announce Simon Phipps, computer scientist and web and open source advocate, as one of our keynote speakers at Nextcloud Conference!

Simon Phipps is known for his time at Sun Microsystems, where he took over leadership of Sun’s open source program and ran one of the first OSPOs. During this time in the 2000s, most of Sun’s core software was released under open source licenses, including Solaris and Java (which he had previously worked on co-establishing IBM’s Java business in the 1990s). When Sun was broken up in 2010, he was freed to focus purely on open source and dedicated time to re-imagining the Open Source Initiative (OSI) – the non-profit organization that acts as a steward of the canonical list of open source licenses and the Open Source Definition. Today Simon leads OSI’s work educating European policymakers about the needs of the open source community.

Keynote speech: The Fourth Sector

On Sunday, September 17th, Simon will be giving a keynote speech about The Fourth Sector: an often overlooked and misunderstood sector in the European worldview. To get a better idea about this insightful topic, check out Simon’s work on the Voices of Open Source blog.

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