Nextcloud 17 Beta 2 is out!

After testing beta 1 many issues have been fixed and improvements were made. Today we put the second beta of Nextcloud 17 online!
For this beta we aim to continue testing stability and have apps in the appstore compatible with Nextcloud 17. We want to make sure that upgrades and day to day usage are smooth and as bug-free as possible. Any other feedback, of course, is welcome!

What’s new?

We are preparing a release announcement and you will be able to read what’s new on the release date – PROMISE! But if you want to know now, install the beta 2 and find out sooner 😉

If you are really curious for a detailed overview, there is a full list of what’s been changed in github – you will have to check all the apps we ship (like Activity) to have the complete picture. Sadly, the Github API doesn’t allow us to extract all of that in a simple list like we do for bugfix releases.

As a beta, of course, the main aim of beta 2 is not to reveal the new features of Nextcloud 17, it’s a call for help to continue making Nextcloud awesome!

Weekend is coming! Time for testing and polishing

Nextcloud 17 needs testing, bug reporting, bug fixing and some polishing to be perfect. The best time to get involved is now!

We have our automated tests and it has gotten some basic smoke testing but no test scheme can replace the myriad of ways you all use Nextcloud, on NAS devices to big iron servers!

As details make the difference we can use your help for small UI improvements, fixes to details – and of course bugfixes!

If you are new to Nextcloud, you’re more than welcome to get involved – simply join us on github or check out this page on our website.

Note that translations are very welcome too! We have millions of users and they don’t all read English! Let’s make sure 17 is ready for as big a number of users as possible.

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