Nextcloud 12 Beta 2 out, get a t-shirt by finding upgrade issues!

We announced Nextcloud 12 Beta 1 to a great deal of press attention. It is a revolutionary release, moving the goal posts for open source file sync and share solutions in terms of capabilities the way Nextcloud 11 raised the bar in terms of security and scalability to a level no other open source technology has caught up to.

Today, one week in, we’ve found and fixed many low level issues and are starting to feel confident about this release. It is becoming harder for our own testing to find problems: our internal Nextcloud instance is updated, so are many of our private Nextcloud instances. We need help! And, as we still got a box of t-shirts (that is what happens if you keep ordering ’em) we decided we should throw one in for whoever finds a serious upgrade bug.

The new Contacts menu

Upgrading and t-shirts

Nextcloud 12 is just 2 weeks from release so it is time to step up testing. We want this release to be as stable as Nextcloud 11 was, more even! And your help is crucial in making this happen: with the large variety of different setups and use cases out there, it is paramount to have a wide testing base to ensure stable functioning.

As upgrading is the most critical operation with a new release, we’re offering anyone who finds a bug in the upgrade process from Nextcloud 11 to Nextcloud 12 a t-shirt! However, obviously any bug report is welcome, not only those about upgrading. You can download the Nextcloud 12 beta 2 .zip file directly here or find it in the ‘Get Involved’ section (bottom right) on our install page.

An alternative way of upgrading is choosing the ‘beta’ channel in the admin panel, we’ve now made Nextcloud 12 Beta 2 available there. If you are on 11.0.x, you can upgrade to 12.0.0 beta2 and if you’re on beta1 it’ll also be available as an upgrade!

And remember: if you’re brave enough to upgrade a production system, be sure to at least make a database backup!


A few simple rules for winning a t-shirt: it has to be a unreported, non-duplicate bug in the upgrade process; that is, something which goes wrong with the upgrade, not in normal usage. Also, we’ll generally consider bugs due to the same root cause duplicates.

smallprint: we reserve the right to decide who gets a t-shirt, no debates possible and if we decide to reward you with a hug instead of a new shirt you should be super happy with that as human contact is very healthy!

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