Maintenance updates ready for Hub 4, 6 and 7

Minor Nextcloud updates released

Please update to a new version to keep your data safe!

We strongly recommend you to update you Hub to version 27.1.6, 26.0.11 or 28.0.2. The maintenance updates include important bug fixes, stability and security upgrades. It is a quick and safe process, as always!

Update summary

We updated Nextcloud server, focusing on several key performance improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements. Find a brief overview of the updates below and access the full changelog for each version on our website.

New in version 26.0.11

The version brings several updates, including fixes for a semaphore issue, enabling multiple organizers support, and ensuring proper Certificate Revocation List (CRL) updates. LDAP group formatting, shared lock TTL restoration, and improved performance in token login have been addressed.

Throttling mechanisms for restore processes and enhanced error handling for Exif metadata read errors are implemented. Furthermore, user timezone parsing for share expiration and subscription key validation for improved security are now part of the updated features.

New in version 27.1.6

Version 27.1.6 includes the enhancement of the Psalm configuration for improved static code analysis. A language-related issue affecting grammatical accuracy has been addressed in the Internationalization module. Fixes include preventing floating-point value truncation in Quota settings for non-English locales and optimizing Calendar Query Handling in the CalDAV module for increased efficiency.

Accessibility and user experience have been improved by ensuring sufficient contrast for app menu entries and dashboard welcome messages, as well as resolving issues with the reference picker in the Files module. Security measures include preventing writing .htaccess files on read-only file systems and introducing a Two-Factor Authentication Bypass in the AppAPI under specific conditions.

Additionally, service worker issues in the Files module have been addressed to enhance performance, and changes have been made to reduce memory consumption during scans.

New in version 28.0.2

The Hub 7 update includes enhancements like replacing input fields with password fields and adding password error messages, adjusting theming utilities for better color contrast, and adding a setup check for maintenance_window_start configuration. Various bug fixes address issues such as dragging previews in the Files module, handling calendar notifications, and fixing user status errors. Additionally, the release focuses on accessibility improvements, security updates, and performance enhancements.

Security measures and and dependency updates

In all maintenance releases, security measures have been implemented to prevent writing .htaccess files on read-only file systems, and additional configurations have been marked as sensitive. We also limited the validity of the authorization codes in Nextclud to 10 minutes.

The updates also cover dependency changes across various modules like activity, firstrunwizard, logreader, notifications, and more.

Desktop client 3.11.1

Version 3.11.1 of the desktop client includes several bug fixes and performance updates, such as interface improvements, various file management issue fixes, missing translations for AppImage, spelling improvement in end-to-end encryption messages, and more.

You can find the full changelog on GitHub to access the details of this update and the previous minor and major versions. To browse system reqirements for the latest version, refer to our client manual.

Note: There will be no more releases of Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.x.x and older). Upgrade to Nextcloud Enterprise to continue to get security and stability updates or move to a newer version. Running software without regular updates is risky, so we urge you to keep your server and apps updated. Customers can always count on our upgrade support if needed.

Upgrade to Hub 7 🚀

Watch the Hub 7 launch video on YouTube

Nextcloud Hub 7 is our most integrated platform so far, bringing global features such as Unified Search and cross-app out-of-office functionality. New features include:

  • Unified Search to find anything, anywhere.
  • Global Out-of-Office message in Mail, Calendar, and Talk.
  • Phone dial-out, recording consent in Talk.
  • iOS Live Photos, EXIF metadata support in Photos.
  • Annotating and saving PDFs.
  • Improved tag management and tag colors in Mail.
  • Marking Deck cards as completed.
  • New AI models for integration
  • And more!
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Keep your server up to date!

Nextcloud’s minor releases primarily focus on addressing security vulnerabilities and functionality bugs, avoiding major system overhauls that could jeopardize user data. Keeping your server up to date is vital, and our approach to testing and validation ensures that upgrading to minor releases is generally smooth and reliable.

For mission-critical Nextcloud systems in enterprise settings, consider switching to Nextcloud Enterprise. The tier provides you with ultimate deployment confidence: direct access to the Nextcloud engineering team, full assistance throughout deployment and integration, and peace of mind for system administrators. If you’re responsible for maintaining Nextcloud in your setting, this option may be the ideal solution for you.

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