Joint letter on e-evidence – Nextcloud supports media freedoms and democratic rights

Nextcloud joins a a coalition of 23 organisations and companies with the European Digital Rights (EDRi) organization to urge the European Parliament and the Council to uphold a high level of procedural safeguards in their negotiations on the so-called “e-evidence Regulation”.

Proposed in 2017 by the European Commission, the “e-evidence” Regulation would allow national judicial or administrative authorities to issue cross-border data access orders to receive personal data such as social media contents, emails, messages or “cloud” data held by internet companies located in another Member State. Currently, national judicial authorities receive and authorise foreign requests, in order to ensure that fundamental rights are protected. The “e-evidence” proposal would shortcut this sturdy EU judicial cooperation framework and its procedural safeguards on the pretext of speeding up cross-border criminal investigations.

You can find the full letter here and visit the website to read their post about the e-evidence position of the European Council.

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