Introducing Siedl Networks: delivering Nextcloud services in Austria

Since 2002, Siedl Networks has been helping customers with open source based solutions around Linux, Univention, Ikarus and more. A major product the team delivers is a full open source alternative to data exchange platforms and online team collaboration tools with Nextcloud at its heart, if needed complete with hardware, a backup and monitoring setup.

Having grown their team in the last one-and-a-half decade to over a dozen people, Siedl offers an expansive set of services, generally helping customers install and maintain self-hosted infrastructure by dealing with first and second level support. Together with Nextcloud GmbH providing the 3rd level support expertise and access to the Nextcloud Enterprise solution, customers can count on a complete and reliable service.

Our goal is to assess and deliver on the needs of our customers with our wide portfolio of services in the most reliable and friendly way possible. We believe that customers deserve a modern solution which gives them the certainty of knowing where their data is and who has access to it.

Siedl mostly services the German speaking Dach area with Linux-based solutions, often integrated with Windows, Apple and Android based technologies. A heterogeneous environment is common at many organizations and Siedl Networks believes there is strength in diversity!

If you want to build a sustainable business, being completely dependent on a foreign cloud service provider who doesn’t offer self-hosted solutions is not an option.

With dozens of customers in the SMB, government and education markets, Siedl Networks is a proven provider of excellence. Customers looking for help in setting up and maintaining their own heterogeneous producitivity platform, Silver Partner Siedl Networks has you covered!

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