February maintenance updates for Hub 4, 6 and 7 are here

Please update to a new version to keep your data safe!

We strongly recommend you to update you Hub to version 26.0.12, 27.1.7 or 28.0.3. The maintenance updates include important bug fixes, stability and security upgrades. It is a quick and safe process, as always!

Minor Nextcloud updates released

What’s new

The updates bring several important bug fixes and performance improvements in all supported versions of Nextcloud Hub. The Nextcloud desktop client has also been updated to version 3.12.0. Find the full changelog on our website, or read the update summaries below.

Version 26.0.12

In this update, several critical improvements have been made to enhance the system’s performance and security. The fixes tackle issues with partial cache entry in Files, auto-logout loop, brute-force protection for the federation endpoint, requests without read permission, and share status in WebDAV. These updates collectively contribute to a more robust and efficient user experience. Additionally, we handled issues with buffer chunked requests, storage background scanning, integer generation errors, preview generation, synchronization, file versioning. The capability for listing the root directory when using a case-insensitive option in SMB was also introduced.

Version 27.1.7

Several improvements and fixes have been implemented to enhance the overall functionality and security of the system. Noteworthy changes include logging when crypto session data is lost for better tracking and troubleshooting. Additionally, there are fixes in migration processes, checkbox functionality, auto-logout loop, brute-force protection for the federation endpoint, WebDAV, error handling, and a PHP codebase update. Other fixes include work on handling admin defaults in sharing, preview generation issues, video verification, errors in nextcloud/files, and storage background scanning.

Version 28.0.3

In the latest update, several enhancements and bug fixes have been introduced to ensure a smoother and more secure user experience. Notably, issues such as successful authentication detection in Kerberos tests and the slow logout problem on Chrome-like browsers have been addressed. There are fixes made in user status feature, disabling of SSL checks for JavaScript modules, visual enhancements for icons, PHP codebase update, webdav default header fix, and various performance improvements and bug fixes, ranging from quota warnings to cache issues in WebDAV.

Additionally, the release addresses buffer chunked requests, handling admin defaults in sharing, storage background scanning, URL pulse decoding, Photos picker, fixes related to file handling, and security enhancements including bruteforce protection to email endpoints.

Desktop client 3.12.0

Nextcloud desktop client update 3.12.0 includes several bug fixes and feature additions such as client status reporting and file-locking enhancements. Additionally, we made updates to workflows and dependency bumps, and ran a code cleanup.

Highlights of the version include client error reports in the server-like conflicts (data is available in the admin dashboard) and a restriction on moving the folders mounted in the external storage.

Find the full changelog on GitHub.

Make the most of Nextcloud with Hub 7 🚀

Watch the Hub 7 launch video on YouTube

Nextcloud Hub 7 is the latest version of Hub. It brings even more synchronicity and comfort, introducing global features like Unified Search and cross-app out-of-office functionality, UX improvements and much more. What’s new:

  • Unified Search to find anything, anywhere.
  • Global Out-of-Office message in Mail, Calendar, and Talk.
  • Phone dial-out, recording consent in Talk.
  • iOS Live Photos, EXIF metadata support in Photos.
  • Annotating and saving PDFs.
  • Improved tag management and tag colors in Mail.
  • Marking Deck cards as completed.
  • New AI models for integration
  • And more!
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Get Nextcloud Hub 7

Download and install Nextcloud Hub 7 here!

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Always keep your server up to date!

Nextcloud’s minor releases primarily focus on addressing security vulnerabilities and functionality bugs, avoiding major system overhauls that could jeopardize user data. Keeping your server up to date is vital, and our approach to testing and validation ensures that upgrading to minor releases is generally smooth and reliable.

For mission-critical Nextcloud systems in enterprise settings, consider switching to Nextcloud Enterprise. The tier provides you with ultimate deployment confidence: direct access to the Nextcloud engineering team, full assistance throughout deployment and integration, and peace of mind for system administrators. If you’re responsible for maintaining Nextcloud in your setting, this option may be the ideal solution for you.

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