Tomorrow is Day of Data Privacy: Time to think about your data

January 28 is the yearly Data Privacy Day or Data Protection day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices and it is observed in the US, Canada, India and Europe. This day offers an opportunity to inform citizens about their rights with regards to their personal details as used by various governmental and private organizations.

Recent developments

Both for business and home users, recent news around privacy is cause for concern. In the USA, Microsoft is embroiled in a legal battle around US access to information ‘wherever it is’. Combined with a recent Executive Order signed by the new president of the United States, the provisions in the Privacy Shield agreement with the EU (the successor of the Safe Harbor deal) are under attack. Cloud service providers from the US might end up being forced to hand over data even if hosted outside of the United States, making it a privacy violation for European organizations to rely on their services.

Privacy Check

With these developments, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to check if their handling of private data from customers and other businesses fits the law in the countries they operate in. Cloud computing in particular is under scrutiny and the costs of privacy breaches are significant in terms of both financial and public relations impact.


Taking back control over your sensitive data by hosting it yourself is by far the best way of dealing with this challenge. Nextcloud offers a cost-effective, powerful solution for storing and protecting data. Features like our File Access Control give administrators unprecedented control over the dissemination of information, ensuring privacy and security policies are followed at all times.

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