Enterprise Open Source Summit: A Business Perspective on Open Source

On November 10, together with friends from Canonical, Collabora, Linbit, OpenNebula and Factor Group, we will present business perspectives on the use of open source in enterprise environments at our Enterprise Open Source Summit event.

Open Source in large organizations

Open Source is becoming more and more important for businesses building secure collaboration platforms. Over the last years, the various platforms have matured and are as capable, and often better than proprietary solutions, to offer the scale, security and integration large organizations need.

With our partners, we are pleased to invite everyone to participate in the Enterprise Open Source Summit, a virtual event focused on transition strategies and the subsequent successful use of Open Source solutions in the corporate environment.

The summit will take place on November 10, co-organized between open source industry leaders Canonical, Nextcloud, Collabora and Factor Group as well as Linbit and OpenNebula.


Each of us has years of experience with open source in finance, retail, energy, manufacturing, telecom, public sector and other areas. We will share our knowledge in a program of keynotes, lightning talks and demos, bringing several customers to talk about their experiences as well. Participants will be able to get answers to their questions firsthand from industry leaders.
The following questions and strategies will be discussed at the event:

  • Migration from deployed commercial products to open source solutions
  • Commercial support for Open Source solutions and related concerns (scaleability, stability, integration, vendor lock-in and more)
  • Security and creation of fault-tolerant solutions

Find a more complete overview of the program on this page.


The cost for the event will be USD 150, however, Early Bird offers are currently available. Until September 30, a 66% discount will bring the price to USD 50, while until October 24th the price will be 1/3rd lower, USD 100.

You can learn more and sign up now on this site.


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