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Nextcloud 12 introduces App Bundles for easier Nextcloud customization. As an administrator, you can enable all the apps in a bundle at once and enjoy the most relevant apps for your usecase. There are currently three App Bundles: Enterprise (auditing, retention, LDAP, SSO…), Groupware (Calendar, Contacts, Mails…) and Social Sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Diaspora, Google+…). Today, let’s discover the Groupware Bundle together!


The Calendar App allows you to easily sync events from various devices with your Nextcloud and edit them online. With Nextcloud Calendar, you can share events, invite people through mail or from your Nextcloud Contacts. It supports WebCal, which is great news if you want to see your favorite team’s matchdays in your calendar! Not long after Nextcloud 12 will come the 1.6.0 version of our Calendar App, expected mid-June, and it has seen some improvements:

  • as the recipient of a shared calendar, you can now change the color of the calendar
  • better editing of recurring events (every second Thursday of the month is now an option for your monthly jogging)
  • search function across the events, useful if you can’t remember your friends birthday


The Contacts app allows you to manage your contacts and sync them on all your devices. It is integrated with other Nextcloud Apps, like Mail and Calendar. Hint: this is a good way to remember all those birthdays you never think about. If you need to manage groups, our Contacts App will provide you with an easy way of searching, sorting and using your contacts. Of course, you can share your contacts with your friends or coworkers, and all the people in your Contacts App will also show in our brand new Contacts menu! On Nextcloud 12 you will enjoy design enhancements and the ability to rename your address books. Stay tuned for more information!


E-mails remain one of our most important ways of communication, and we often have different addresses for different purposes. This is why our Mail App allows you to get a unified overview of your mails directly on Nextcloud. Our next months goal is to tightly integrate it with our Contacts and Calendar Apps to increase collaboration and productivity across Nextcloud users. Our Mail App now supports PHP 7.1, and you can have a look here if you want to contribute!

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