CODE 2.0 Introduces Collaborative Editing of Office Documents in Nextcloud

Collaborative Editing in action!

Collaborative Editing in action!

Collabora Productivity just released CODE 2.0, bringing collaborative editing to home users and developers who want to edit documents online. Enterprise users are recommended to wait for Collabora Online 2.0 which will be released soon, they can get access to this through an Enterprise Subscription.

LibreOffice Online allows users to edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly from their browser, with great support for a wide variety of popular file formats like docx, odt, xlsx, ppt and more. Earlier this year Nextcloud and Collabora developed and released an easy to use Docker image which Nextcloud users can use to get online collaborative document editing integrated in their Nextcloud servers. Find our tutorial here. Enterprises looking for a scalable, commercial supported version with a longer life cycle and SLA can purchase this as part of their Nextcloud subscription as a Collabora Productivity supported addon.

This release introduces the much requested fully collaborative editing feature besides some other updates and bugfixes, making for a great upgrade to existing users. Find out how to update to the new version on our website.

Nextcloud has been working on improving the integration of Collabora Online with Nextcloud and our future releases of the integration app and our Nextcloud Server will bring significantly improved performance, scalability, security and capabilities to Collabora Online.


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