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VNCsafe provides Zimbra integration now with Collabora Online document editing
October 20, 2017

Since about half a year, VNC has been offering the VNCsafe app making Nextcloud data available within the Zimbra Email Collaboration solution. A new version of VNCsafe was released, bringing Collabora Online integration from Nextcloud to Zimbra.

The VNCsafe Zimlet enables a seamless integration of Zimbra with VNCsafe, which enables access to file storage. This enables Zimbra users to, for example, store e-mail attachments to synchronize them with other devices or share them with others. The VNCsafe Nextcloud app supports the file access and sharing capabilities of Nextcloud, integrating them in Zimbra.

A new version

The new release, version, integrates Collabora Online, making it possible to edit documents directly in VNCsafe.

You can find a full changelog on the VNCsafe portal as well as documentation needed to complete the integration.

To make it work, you’ll need the Collabora Online app version 1.12.35 and the appvncsafe app version 1.1.3 from the Nextcloud app store.

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Nextcloud partners with Purism to provide a secure, open source and privacy focused mobile device
October 19, 2017

Today, we are proud to announce that Purism, the maker of security-focused computing devices, is partnering with Nextcloud for a series of products and services. Nextcloud is looking to expand and become a default on Purism’s mobile and desktop computing products.

With Purism recently meeting their crowdfunding goal of $1.5 million to build and deliver the Librem 5, a fully open source and secure smartphone, and Nextcloud freshly announcing the arrival of end-to-end encryption, privacy is in good hands! This partnership adds to Purism’s roster of open-source partners will aim to make the Librem 5 the most comprehensive free open-source smartphone to ever hit the market.

“Having Nextcloud applications built into the Librem 5, as well as default within PureOS, will help people have a convenient, ethical encrypted file storage service alongside other easy-to-use defaults”

Todd Weaver, Founder and CEO of Purism.

On Nextcloud side, partnering with Purism gets our software directly into the hands of customers, making their lives easier with security and privacy protection built-in. Purism plans to include Nextcloud in the Librem 5 phone, as well as within PureOS for its Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptops. Additionally, Purism will be discussing with Nextcloud about a future Purism NAS that runs completely free software including Nextcloud and services.

“Nextcloud follows our strict beliefs in digital rights for people, and this partnership is a clear win for users by merging convenience and ethics together into simple products” adds Weaver.

About Purism

Purism is a Social Purpose Corporation devoted to bringing security, privacy, software freedom, and digital independence to everyone’s personal computing experience. With operations based in San Francisco (California) and around the world, Purism manufactures premium-quality laptops, tablets, and phones, creating beautiful and powerful devices meant to protect users’ digital lives without requiring a compromise on ease of use. Purism designs and assembles its hardware in the United States, carefully selecting internationally sourced components to be privacy-respecting and fully Free-Software-compliant. Security and privacy-centric features come built-in with every product Purism makes, making security and privacy the simpler, logical choice for individuals and businesses.

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Android 2.0 with contacts backup, search, fingerprint locking, notifications and much more
October 17, 2017

Today, the Android team releases the Nextcloud Android 2.0 app. This major release brings a massive number of improvements, from contact backup & restore, search, new authentication and fingerprint locking to notifications, reworked auto-upload and much more. Read on to find out what is new or check the Play Store for an update!

Major features

This release brings numerous significant improvements.

Contacts backup & restore

The Nextcloud Android app can backup the contacts on your phone to your Nextcloud Server and restore them back to a new phone.

Server search

You can now search for data on your server, including files you didn’t download to your phone. Quick options in the sidebar for Favorites and Photos show you all favorites or photos from the server without actually having to download them. And like in the web interface, there is now a shared files view which will show you what files you have shared and are shared with you.

New authentication and fingerprint locking

Authentication on the server was reworked for this release, relying on the new authentication technology introduced in Nextcloud 12. This means any authentication technology used by the Nextcloud server is supported, from SAML, smart cards, various two-factor technologies and more, through a single, well-tested mechanism.

Fingerprint locking

Since this release, you can choose between setting a PIN code and fingerprint scanning to protect access to the Nextcloud app. The fingerprint locking relies on the Android fingerprint locking. So if you set this up for your phone’s unlocking you can simply activate for the app too now.

(Push) Notifications

Nextcloud servers notify users of new shared files, comments on files, calendar events, incoming calls and much more. The Android app now supports these notifications, showing them to users and even allowing real-time push notifications to reach users (on devices with Google Play installed).

Much improved auto-upload feature

Auto-upload was reworked to be much more reliable and supports all Android versions supported by the app (4.0+). You can configure images and videos separately, define custom folders for the auto-upload and keep modification times of uploaded files. Custom folders are only configurable if you enable the newly introduced expert mode via the app’s settings.

Many more improvements

Besides the major enhancements mentioned above, there has also been quite a lot of other improvements. Here is a quick list:

  • Theming support allows the new Android app show itself in the theme you picked on your server.
  • A new sorting dialog allows sorting ascending/descending for time/name/size.
  • The User information view shows you your user profile from the server
  • Custom external links support, when configured on the server, will show up in the client’s main menu

The app now also graciously deals with maintenance mode of the server, simply notifying the user rather than creating error messages; enables users to set edit permissions in federated shares of folders, has nicer error views for previews and can preview SVG files and more.

A major release like this means a big step forward for users and we’d love to hear your opinions! We have been testing it with our community for the last 6 weeks but if you encounter any problems, let us know, too!

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Nextcloud is the one and only Solution we are providing to our End-Customers: Florian Hausleitner
October 9, 2017

Nextcloud is being used by organizations, big and small, that value privacy, security, and control over their data. Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark GmbH is one such organization that’s using Nextcloud in certain capacities. We talked to Florian Hausleitner, Senior IT System Engineer of the center, to understand their IT infrastructure and the role Nextcloud plays at the center.

Please tell us about Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark and Raiffeisen Rechenzentrum? What does the center do?

Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark is 100% owned by Raiffeisen Landesbank Steiermark AG and privately funded.

Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark is a Full-Service IT-Provider in Financial Sector. We are providing the whole IT-Infrastructure as well as all financial applications for both Raiffeisen and Hypo Banks here in Styria/Austria. With over 4500 clients, more than 1500 Server-Systems, 1500 Network-Devices and two datacenters with 1400 m² housing space, Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark is one of the largest IT companies in the Southern Region of Austria.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you are associated with the center?

I am a Senior IT-Systems Engineer here at Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark. I am responsible for “Datacenter Service” which includes the complete stack from the datacenter buildings, power supply, air conditioning and the safety installations of the building.

As a Senior IT-Systems engineer, what are the things that keep you awake at night?

We want to deliver all of our services at a great level of availability, usability, and quality. For the datacenters themselves, it means I have to avoid downtime in any of our installations. I have to plan and provide capacities right and make sure that new systems are installed with no waiting time.

What kind of IT infrastructure are you running at the center?

We are running all kinds of managed services such as PaaS, IaaS based on VMWare, Storage on Demand based on Nextcloud, classic housing business, Network Services and Consulting Services.

How much of your IT infrastructure is Open Source or in-house?

Most of our infrastructure is in-house and is managed by ourselves. We do have Open-Source in our monitoring suite and some of our middleware.

What file storage demands and requirements does the center have? What kind of solutions are you using to address those needs?

Our main demands for storage are availability and scalability.

In addition to high availability and scalability, what are other factors that influence your decision to pick one solution over other? How important is security as well as access to source code when picking a solution?

The need for security in applications is definitely over the need to have access to the source code. There are other companies like Nextcloud which are way better in programming than us so we leave those things to them and at the same time, we assume that they are also doing the security correctly. I think related to security, we have also chosen the right product.

Are you using Nextcloud exclusively or using a mix of storage solutions?

We are using a mix of different solutions. Nextcloud is the one and only solution we are providing to our End-Customers. All other solutions and systems are SAN and NAS Systems which are used only internally to provide our services.

Why did you choose Nextcloud, what were the core reasons?

We chose Nextcloud because it had the most user-friendly (web) interface, met all our security requirements and is scalable. Also, you can easily extend features.

What features of NC do you use the most, as compared to other solutions?

The easy to use Web Interface.

How important was the fact that NC is also open source that influenced your decision? There are other solutions too, why did you choose NC?

The fact that it is Open Source was not necessarily important for us. It is more like an “Addon” – you always have the option to use something good out there.

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Meet Nextcloud next week at IT-SA!
October 6, 2017

If you have kept an eye on our event calendar, you’d know Nextcloud will be at IT-SA, the largest IT-Security conference in Europe. Between October 10 and 12 you can find us at booth #612, in hall 10.1. Come by for a conversation. If you prefer you can book a time and date by mailing us on events[at]nextcloud[dot]com.

Need a ticket? We got you covered!

If you’d like a ticket for the conference, we would be happy to provide it, just let us know!

See you in Nürnberg!

Nextcloud ist auf der it-sa 2017 (10.-12. Oktober 2017), der größten Plattform für IT-Sicherheit in Europa, vertreten.

Wir laden Sie herzlich mit einem kostenlosen it-sa Tagesticket zu unserem Stand 612 in Halle 10.1 ein. Schreiben Sie uns einfach eine kurze Mail an events[at] Sie erhalten dann einen Gutscheincode, den Sie auf einlösen können.

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