Webinar on Nextcloud Hub 8: Regain control over your time

Webinar date

May 29, 2024


Neha Mishra

Nextcloud Hub 8 is designed to save you time and make your work life easier, it features the powerful Nextcloud Assistant version 2, your own private AI assistant.

With features like federated messaging in Talk and faster Mail capabilities, collaborating and managing your inbox is now easier. Plus, meet Nextcloud Teams for improved teamwork. To see all the new features in action, we invite you to join our webinar for an overview of Nextcloud Hub 8!

Overview of Nextcloud Hub 8

Join us in this webinar, where we go over the features in our latest release Nextcloud Hub 8

  • Date: Wednesday May 29, 2024
  • Time: 3:00 pm (CEST)
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Your speaker

Team member at Nextcloud

Fabrice Mous

Lead Generation Team Lead

Fabrice started his career at Dutch central government where he helped executing the Dutch policy for open standards and open source software. Later on Fabrice worked as a sales consultant, manager and entrepreneur in several domains. He developed a profound love for marketing, automation and search engine marketing and worked as a digital marketing specialist on marketing automation and inbound marketing projects.

Overview of agenda

  • Introduction to Nextcloud Hub 8
  • New features in Nextcloud Hub 8
  • Live Demonstration
  • Q&A session

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