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Meet Nextcloud at the 10th annual Zukunftskongress 2024 in Berlin

Nextcloud will be attending the Zukunftskongress June 24-26th in Berlin, Germany to showcase Nextcloud Hub for digitally sovereign governments.

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Nextcloud will be present at GITEX Morocco 2024

Nextcloud will exhibiting at Gitex Africa 2024, May 29-31. Meet us hall 4 booth 4A-1.

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Open Source Conference Tokyo

Open Source Conference 2024 Tokyo/Spring

Discover the vibrant world of open source projects at the Open Source Conference 2024 Tokyo/Spring. Join Nextcloud and our passionate community at this exciting event.

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Nextcloud France Enterprise Day, December 5 2023 in Paris – Register now

Nextcloud is hosting its first Nextcloud France Enterprise Day on December 5, 2023 in Paris on the theme "How to meet the challenges of AI for government organizations and public services".

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Digitalisering i Offentlig Sektor 2023

Join us at "Digitalisering i offentlig sektor" in Stockholm to explore the future of digital sovereignty and data privacy. Nextcloud will host a panel on AI's impact on data control and showcase the latest version of Nextcloud Hub.

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eFörvaltningsdagarna 2023

Join us at eFörvaltningsdagarna, Sweden's go-to event for e-government, on 7-8 November in Stockholm. Experience an interactive demo of Nextcloud Hub 6's AI capabilities and catch our presentation in the main program.

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Smart Country Convention Berlin Nextcloud

Nextcloud takes the stage at Smart Country Convention 2023

Nextcloud is taking the stage at this year’s Smart Country Convention in Berlin, happening from November 7-9, 2023 in Berlin.

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Join Nextcloud at Workplace Day 2023

Nextcloud is speaking at Digital Workplace Day 2023 to address the Nordic region's growing interest in efficient, GDPR-compliant tools for modern digital workplaces.

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KOMMUNALE trade fair and congress – Nuremberg, Germany

Join us at Gitex Global in Dubai, the world's largest technology trade show, from October 16 to 20. You'll have the opportunity to meet our team and find new solutions and partnerships for your organization.

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