You’re all invited to another Stuttgart Hackweek!

Group Photo from the BBQ
Group photo from the last meetup
Since we kicked off Nextcloud, we have organized a number of face to face meetings in Stuttgart, with the last one getting over 30 participants despite our ‘tradition’ of announcing them only 2 weeks in advance. At these meetings, we not only discuss and plan but also spend some real time getting work done together, going over and writing code, reviewing and testing. In the week from November 14 to 18 we organize another Hackweek in Stuttgart and you are invited!

What and where

We’d like to work on getting our ambitious plans for Nextcloud 11 further in shape. A lot of work has already been done but there is plenty more and if there’s functionality you would like to see in Nextcloud, this is THE opportunity to get it in. Of course we welcome folks who just want to come and say hi!

We’ll meet at the Nextcloud office in Stuttgart:
Nextcloud GmbH
Kronenstraße 22A
70173 Stuttgart

We will start around 10 in the morning, most days probably until 7 or so until we arrange some food and, possibly, come back after that for some more coding. If you would like to join, please let us know, either in the comments below or by sending an email to one of us. That way we can ensure there is enough food and drinks and such.

Come and help make Nextcloud more awesome!

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