Welcoming new team members

Andreas Rode

Andreas Rode

Today, we announced Andreas Rode is joining us as our new head of sales. Since we started in June, our company has grown to over 20 employees, with more joining us every month. In the last weeks, we had 2FA author Christoph join us, as well as Georg, maintainer of the Calendar app and more people will join us the coming months.

About Andreas

Andreas has been leading sales teams at large organizations including EMC, Oracle and Google. He noted that he’s excited to join us to help build up long-term relationships with our major enterprise customers. We’ve already added a number of large customers like DeiC, the organization servicing the Danish universities, which we reported on a few weeks ago.

Fast growth!

Meanwhile, development is going fast. In he last seven days alone 30 people contributed to our Server repository, merging 75 pull requests and proposing another 13. We’re very proud of the 64 active contributors who worked to add over 1800 commits last month alone. If you want to get involved, too, check out our Contribute page!

Of course it isn’t only quantity of code that counts, and it is great to see for example RhinoSecurityLabs writing about us handling security issues the right way, protecting the data of our users as best as possible.

Read more about Andreas joining us in the press release and if you’d like to join our team, we’re still hiring!

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