Virtual collaboration just got easier with Pexip and Nextcloud


In today’s digital environment, the types of tools used are often the key to effective team collaboration. Businesses rely heavily on various software to simplify workflows, streamline operations, and enhance productivity. For remote work or hybrid models, this is particularly important as teams must interact seamlessly and easily, regardless of distance.

Two of the major players in this arena are Pexip, leading provider of secure video technology, and Nextcloud, the popular, on-premises content collaboration platform. Both solutions offer on-premises and cloud services suitable for the most stringent security and compliance challenges, proven in both the private and public sector. When you combine these two, you get a collaboration tool that’s powerful, user-friendly and rich in capabilities while providing world class data protection.

Integrating Pexip with Nextcloud

The integration of Pexip with Nextcloud promises to boost the digital collaboration capabilities of organizations. Together, these technology providers offers users a unified, easy to use platform that enables secure file sharing, seamless communication, and efficient collaboration.

To integrate Pexip with Nextcloud, an application programming interface (API) is used to connect the two platforms. This means the systems can work as one, allowing users to access Pexip’s video conferencing functionality directly from their Nextcloud interface.

By integrating Pexip and Nextcloud, users can schedule, join, and manage Pexip meetings without leaving the Nextcloud platform.

What are the key benefits when Pexip and Nextcloud come together?

Simplified Workflow

The integration reduces the need for users to switch between different apps to perform different tasks. From the same interface, users can access their files, schedule meetings, and initiate video conferences. This streamlines workflow, saving time, and improving productivity.

Enhanced Communication

Teams can collaborate on a document in Nextcloud while discussing it over a Pexip video conference. This level of collaboration, where discussion and action happen simultaneously, boosts the team’s efficiency and effectiveness in executing tasks.

Improved Security

Given that both Pexip and Nextcloud prioritize data security, this integration offers robust protection for your data. Whether you’re sharing sensitive files or discussing confidential matters over video conferences, you can trust that your data is secure.


By integrating Pexip’s video conferencing with Nextcloud’s file sharing and collaboration capabilities, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on multiple standalone applications, leading to substantial cost savings.

Pexip and Nextcloud take virtual collaboration to the next level

In our digital age, effective collaboration tools are not just a luxury, but a necessity. The integration of Pexip and Nextcloud represents a step forward in providing businesses with robust, secure, and effective collaboration tools. By uniting high-quality video conferencing and secure file sharing in one easy-to-use platform, teams can work more efficiently, saving time and resources, while enhancing productivity and collaboration.

As companies continue to adapt to new ways of working, we can expect to see more integrations like this – integrations that leverage the best of existing tools to create more effective, secure, and user-friendly collaboration environments.

Reach out to Nextcloud or Pexip sales for more information about the combined solution.

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