Stuttgart hackweek: see you next time!

Last week, our Hackweek took place in Stuttgart. We aimed at preparing and polishing Nextcloud 12, and we assessed our progress with team members and community.

Hackweeks are always an energizing time at Nextcloud. As we work remotely most of the time, they allow us to gather and discuss with other team members and the community, which we’re particularly happy about. Several community members joined every day, especially on the week-end. Giorgia was even here with us during the whole week! It reinforces our goal to be open and transparent in everything we do.

Thursday was supposed to be pancakes contest day between our team members, but as we expected, it was a pretext to make as many pancakes as we could eat (and some more, we even had to store them in a large saucepan). We will open-source our recipes here soon, stay tuned!





Besides having pizza and homemade pancakes, we worked on Nextcloud 12 and updated progress. We coded until dawn, discussed the future of Nextcloud GmbH  during an open meeting and had a lot of fun together. Join us next time! In the meantime, you can have a look at upcoming community meetings and events.

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