Speaking at Nextcloud Community Conference 2024: Björn Lundell

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Announcing a keynote speaker at the Nextcloud Community Conference 2024 — professor Björn Lundell, a researcher at the University of Skövde who is leading the Software Systems Research Group.

Keynote details

  • Title: Recipes for getting stuck in proprietary clouds: How public sector organisations discriminate against OSS solutions
  • Speaker: Professor Björn Lundell, Ph.D., University of Skövde
  • Date and time: September 14, 1 PM

About the speaker: professor Björn Lundell

Professor Björn Lundell (Ph.D. from the University of Exeter in 2001) has been a staff member and researcher at the University of Skövde since 1984. He leads the Software Systems Research Group and his research is reported in over 100 publications in a variety of international journals and conferences.

Professor Lundell’s research contributes to theory and practice in the software systems domain and addresses fundamental socio-technical challenges related to procurement, development, and use of software systems under different forms of it-operations. His research focuses on different aspects of lock-in, interoperability, and long life-cycles for systems and related digital assets, and centres on different aspects of openness (in particular, open-source software and open standards).

Over several decades, he has established and been instrumental in extensive collaborations with colleagues, companies, public sector organisations, and a number of individuals in the broader open source communities. He has been active in a number of international and national research projects which have lead to significant scientific and societal impact. Professor Lundell has been an expert advisor and contributed to national guidelines and policies (Sweden, UK and EU levels) concerning fundamental challenges related to use of ICT standards in the software domain, and collaborated with national authorities responsible for public procurement, digital government, and competition issues.

At the Nextcloud Community Conference, professor Lundell will present a keynote titled “Recipes for getting stuck in proprietary clouds: How public sector organisations discriminate against OSS solutions”.

*Final date and time of the keynote may change. Check the conference page for up-to-date information.

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