Privacy is the main reason to pick the Nextcloud solution: Netcloud AG

Netcloud AG is a Winterthur (Zurich)-based company that was founded in 1998 to offer solutions for Cisco systems. Its core competencies can be found in consulting, designing, implementing and operating IT infrastructure solutions in the area of Cisco for security, borderless networks, data-center and unified communications solutions. NetApp FlexPod and EMC Vblock are also in their portfolio. Today, the team includes 130 highly motivated professionals.

Netcloud AG is a heavy user of Nextcloud. We talked to Silvio Pelli of Netcloud AG to learn more about their preference for Nextcloud.

Swapnil Bhartiya: Why would an organization choose Nextcloud over products like Dropbox, OneDrive or other open source projects like ownCloud or Seafile? What are the clear advantages?

Silvio Pelli: With solutions like Dropbox or OneDrive the customers do not have any control where their data is stored. Nextcloud gives the opportunity to set up a secure environment and the control where the data is stored and who can access this data.

Was security and privacy one of the reason for you to pick Nextcloud?

This is actually the main reason to pick the Nextcloud solution.

Can you tell us what kind of security and privacy concerns you have when you consider a file sync and storage service/solution?

We serve many customers who have very high compliance standards. Therefore it is essential for us to be able to deliver a service which can cover these standards. The standards include the encryption of all data transfer and storage of it as well as the fact that this data has to be stored in Switzerland.

Do you have any best practices, parameters or policies for deploying file sync and storage services? Can you tell us about those?

We work according to the ISO 27001 standards.

Does Nextcloud meet all of your security and privacy requirements?

Yes, Nextcloud meets all security and privacy standards required by our customers.

Can you tell us about the security features of Nextcloud that you value the most? What makes it secure?

The encryption features are the most valued features.

Are there areas where you think Nextcloud can improve on to make it even more secure?

We see the development of the integration with other solutions and security services.

Do you engage with Nextcloud to ensure that it remains a secure product and if so, how?

Yes, we have a good relationship with Nextcloud and make sure that the solutions fit our needs.

What role does 3rd party verification of security or certification play in your procurement decision?

For our services we have implemented several security services. For us it was important that the Nextcloud solutions fit seamlessly into the existing security environment.

The political landscape is changing in the US, UK and Europe, which will have deeper impacts on surveillance, security and privacy. Does it worry you? If it does, does Nextcloud offer some assurance that your still have tools to protect privacy and security.  

We are already facing very high standards in Switzerland regarding the security and data protection for example from the financial market. As we are already delivering our services according these standards, we are in a good position to meet the future standards.

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