Privacy is progress! Tedx talk by privacy researcher Daphne Muller

Privacy researcher Daphne Muller gave a talk at TedxVenlo in the Netherlands about how we CAN have privacy – if we would make the right choices.

Daphne works at Nextcloud, and as we all care about privacy, we’re very proud that she gave such an amazing and important talk. We hope it will educate many people on the benefits and possibilities for privacy. Help by liking and sharing her video to reach more people!


Who wants privacy?

Can you imagine a world where privacy is leading? No personal advertisements, no cookie pop-ups and no company owns your data.

Tedx Talk by Daphne Muller

Human sanity over artificial intelligence

If we want to make progress and live in a safer world, we should invest in human sanity instead of artificial intelligence. It has been proven to be more effective.

Examples exist, and Daphne shows these in her talk.

Ethics or profit: why not both?

Can you find a profitable tech company, except the big 5? Exactly! Daphne explains how “platform capitalism” kills healthy innovation and how privacy-protecting tech companies are making a profit while offering their users the software freedom everybody needs.

Tedx talk by Daphne Muller

Do you like curly fries?

You likely have a high IQ if so. Does that even make sense? It does to algorithms as much as it makes sense categorizing people based on sensitive topics like religion, sexuality or ethnicity. But can that ever be in the spirit of non-discrimination?

Non-discrimination, privacy and digital privacy are human rights as defined by the UN.

Can organizations who rely on personal data collection ever be respectful of human rights? If not, are these good for our progress?

Privacy respectful alternatives already exist! For everything. If you want online privacy, start by changing your basic everyday tools, like browser search engine etc. Schools, universities and governments in Europe have already chosen privacy.

Tedx talk by Daphne Muller

Conclusion: privacy is progress!

If we want to make progress we have to collect or hand out LESS personal data, if we do so we get better innovation, financially healthier business models, more competition in the market and most importantly, more humanity.

Everybody raises their hand pro-privacy!

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