Nextcloud now officially supported on TrueNAS

TrueNAS is an Open Source powered storage platform that scales from private home servers to 20PB+ storage platforms and has over a million deployments. Going forward, Nextcloud Hub will be officially supported on TrueNAS systems with easy install of the official Nextcloud Hub app requiring just a few clicks. Together, Nextcloud and TrueNAS provide an extremely versatile and reliable collaboration and data storage platform.

TrueNAS: software defined storage

Silicon Valley’s iXsystems develops Open Source powered storage solutions. TrueNAS is a software defined storage platform which provides file, block, object, and app storage built on top of OpenZFS. Users deploy it for backup, cloud hosting, virtualization, multimedia, edge storage, and more use-cases. TrueNAS offers:

  • Unified Storage: While Nextcloud will manage a lot of data for the organization, the same TrueNAS may also manage NFS, SMB, iSCSI, or S3 data for other applications and backup systems.
  • Data Management: Built into TrueNAS CORE, OpenZFS provides continuous integrity checks and self-healing, along with RAID functions, snapshots, clones, and replication of data.
  • Integrated Security: Encryption of data-at-rest is managed with admin-provided keys or integration with enterprise KMIP servers. Integrated VPNs and encrypted replication provide protection from hackers.
  • High Availability (HA): Downtime impacts productivity and is unacceptable to larger organizations. TrueNAS Enterprise provides dual-controller options (X-Series and M-Series) to deliver “five nines” availability (equivalent to downtime of less than 5 minutes per year).
  • Scalability: Scale-up to 20PB in a single one-rack system or scale-out to even larger systems with TrueNAS SCALE (Currently in BETA). Most importantly, there is no need to pay excessively for users with high capacity needs due to photos or videos.

Nextcloud on TrueNAS

Easy management, powerful OpenZFS data management and high availability features have brought TrueNAS to over a million deployments. Tens of thousands of TrueNAS systems already run Nextcloud through a variety of means and the jointly supported Nextcloud Hub app for TrueNAS is designed to give users an even better experience.

TrueNAS systems will offer the full Nextcloud Hub experience with Files, Groupware, Talk, and (depending on the TrueNAS version) Collabora Online based office document editing. Nextcloud and iXsystems offer enterprise support options for business users.

You can read the press release of the announcement here and find the blog by iXsystems here. TrueNAS users can install Nextcloud today with these instructions.

Live Ask-us-anything

Tomorrow, October 13 at 5PM Berlin time/8AM California time we organize an Ask-us-anything in a live session with Nextcloud co-founder and marketing director, Jos Poortvliet, and iXsystems’ Morgan Littlewood, SVP, Product Management. During the stream, we’ll announce a hardware raffle so if you’d like a chance to win your own TrueNAS Mini X+, be there!

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