Nextcloud Hub Announcement and IONOS partnership video online

Mid January we organized an event at the Wikimedia office in Berlin. We had been teasing it with a countdown on our website that featured a very sparce agenda: a ‘big reveal’ and ‘a second announcement’.

As one participant put it:

You didn’t even offer a way to register for the event. Just a time and place, and ‘be there’. I like that!

picture of room during announcement
Nextcloud Hub logo

The subject: change

We gave few hints, but one of them was the date – 10 years after Frank Karlitschek took the stage in San Diego to announce a project to ‘free the cloud’.

Back then, the goal was: replace Dropbox and similar cloud services where people lose control over their data. A lofty goal, and as Frank noted in an interview some time ago, at a technical level, this is a solved problem. Nextcloud offers an excellent file sync and share solution and Frank detailed some of the features we introduced in Nextcloud 17 in his talk.

But it is 2020 and the goalposts have moved. No longer do people just want to exchange data. Even before the latest Corona virus hit, more and more organizations were exploring working remotely and on-the-go. This requires not only files, but their context: chat, mail, todo list, as well as collaborative editing.

So, Frank announced Nextcloud Hub, a new generation of Nextcloud! Hub offers exactly the collaboration platform modern employees expect, with built in communication and document editing. Introducing ONLYOFFICE installed by default, as well as the full compliment of Nextcloud Groupware and Talk, Hub is ready out of the box!

A few pictures from the talk:

IONOS logo

That second announcement

Together with Hub, we announced a new way to gain access to it for enterprise customers. Together with IONOS, Europe’s largest hosting provider, Nextcloud offers a full serviced solution hosted in German or, if the customer wants, other European data centers. In a Cloud-Act free jurisdiction, from two leading German cloud companies, customers know what they have: a real solution that brings the benefits of online collaboration without the risks!

Some more pictures of the event and the food and drinks we had after:

It was very exciting to see our announcement got covered in a national German newspaper!

The entire video of the announcements is now online, have a look and learn more!

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