Nextcloud Events the coming weeks

The coming weeks, you’ll have a chance to meet Nextcloud at a variety of events across the globe. We’ll be in Poland, Germany, Singapore, and Belgium! Read on to find what’s where and when.

CS3 workshop: research and education in Poland

On January 29 in Krakow, Poland, the Department of Computer Science from the University of Krakow hosts the CS3 Workshop on Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing. This event, co-organized by global research collaboratives CERN, ETHzürich, CYFRONET, SURFSARA, and AARNet, is sponsored by Nextcloud and several other cloud vendors. The event focuses on the needs of education and research: large amounts of data, users all over the world, easy collaboration and pushing the borders of scalability. With Global Scale, Nextcloud is uniquely positioned among the vendors to provide a solution for the needs of these organizations and this is thus one of the sessions on the program. Other Nextcloud sessions go into practical details. One covers scaling with Docker/Kubernetes, another covers best practices from Nextcloud customers including TU Berlin, SIEMENS, and a global mobile carrier.

On Tuesday, a panel on the future of File Sync and Share is hosted by the Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek, CERN’s Jakub Moscicki and David Jericho from AARNet.

Univention Summit 2018

Just a day later, on February 1st, the Univention Summit kicks off in Bremen. This event, organized by the team behind the Univention Server, has Nextcloud as one of its two Platinum sponsors and features a keynote by Frank Karlitschek as well as a table where people can ask questions. We’ll also do a workshop on running Nextcloud on your Univention server.

The Univention Summit this year has a focus on secure identity management and digitalization in education. The event has a presence of two dozen open source companies presenting their products and comes with workshops, talks, keynotes, and roundtables.


After the Univention Summit, FOSDEM starts. We blogged about it before: we have a booth and several talks including one on the main track by Frank. If you’re interested you can still join the booth team!

On March 10, the Chemnitzer Linuxtage kicks off and we’re looking for people to help at the booth we requested! There will also be a talk by Frank.

At FOSSASIA in Singapore, March 22-25, Frank will give a keynote about File Sync and Share, privacy, security and related matters.

Of course, we’ll be at many more events this year, keep an eye on our events page!

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