Nextcloud Conference 2022 Program!

We are almost a week away from the Nextcloud Conference and are getting ready to host you at our venue in Berlin!

As time is ticking, we would like to present you with an overview of the program for the weekend. From our keynote speakers and panelists to lightning talks and workshops, we have a full agenda ahead that we cannot wait to experience with you!

Keynote speakers

Nextcloud is honored to have the following keynote speakers at our Conference.

Whether you are intrigued to learn more about digital policy at the German Bundestag from Maik Außendorf, or about digital rights and data privacy from experts Felix Reda and Renata Ávila, you are sure to gain new insights.

On Saturday, October 1st, we will start with a special keynote announcement by Frank Karlitschek, CEO and Founder of Nextcloud.

Panel Sessions

In addition to our keynote speakers, we also have wonderful panelists.

On October 1st, you will have an opportunity to listen to a panel session on “How to Contribute?” The moderator of the panel will be Jan Borchardt, Design Team Lead at Nextcloud. Confirmed speakers include: Nimisha Vijay, Designer at Nextcloud, Pedro Silva, UX and Community Manager at Collabora Online, Greta Doçi, Software Engineer at Nextcloud. You can find more information about this panel session and the speakers here.

On October 2nd, we continue with our second panel “Shaping the future of privacy”. Moderator of the panel will be Daphne Muller, Manager alliances, ecosystem & support at Nextcloud. Confirmed speakers include: Renata Avila, CEO Open Knowledge Foundation, Gaël Duval, Founder and CEO at Murena, Franz Geiger, Tech Lead Software Engineer at Fairphone. You can find more information about this panel session and the speakers here.

Lightning Talks

On both Saturday and Sunday of our Nextcloud Conference weekend, we will host our famous Lightning Talks!

Lightning Talks are ~5 minute talks covering a wide range of topics from how to build an app to topics on data privacy.


After the Lightning Talks on both days, we host 2 hour long workshops so you can learn a new skill or get motivated! From what it takes to actually build an app or contribute to Nextcloud Office and Collabora Online, you will get to participate at the conference in a more hands on way.

If you want more information on specific details of the day, like how to get to the venue and what to bring, refer to our Everything you Need to Know blog.

Don’t forget to tweet us at #NextcloudConf 💙

The program is subject to change without notice.

You weren’t able to join in person? We’re inviting you to join us during the Livestream!

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