Nextcloud, Collabora and Canonical provide solution for enterprises to control their data

At Mobile World Congress today, Canonical, Collabora and Nextcloud introduce a new solution for enterprises who want to take advantage of the trend in self-hosted services as shown by the Nextcloud Box.

An all in one solution for SMB

Canonical has built a Ubuntu Snap based solution designed specifically for small enterprises that delivers a range of high quality self-hosted services which are engineered for privacy. Thereby enabling a small business to easily deploy a full suite of relevant, self-hosted services for internal staff to access from any desktop browser sitting on the private LAN. The solution is built to be fully extensible and can easily evolve to include other services which exist within the Ubuntu snap ecosystem.

Built on a Intel x86 box, it is demonstrated at the Ubuntu Booth in Hall P3 – 3K31 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the coming days. The software will also be available as an image containing all the featured snaps so anyone can download and run the solution on compatible hardware.

Functionality: secure document exchange, communication, office, workflow and more

Included in the image is a snap-based offering with Nextcloud file and data management, Rocket.Chat messaging and communication, Collabora Online collaborative document editing suite, Wekan workflow tool, code management and distribution from Gogs , video conferencing using Spreed, and a fully self-hosted email solution and UI using iRedMail. All the services are open source and all integrated using Ubuntu Core for added security with the wider benefit of extending the solution to include any service that exists as a snap. And importantly, the solution comes with a customisable front-end GUI for admin control and service management.

Frank Karlitschek, Managing Director at Nextcloud, said:

This new solution from Ubuntu is the perfect next step on from the Nextcloud box and brings a fantastic blend of snaps to make it super easy for enterprises to experiment with self-hosted services.

Michael Meeks, Managing Director at Collabora Productivity, said:

Collabora is the driving force behind bringing LibreOffice to every modern device with a browser, so we’re thrilled to contribute an Ubuntu snap of Collabora Online to this solution. By seamlessly integrating the collaborative editing of complex documents we give huge scope for enterprises to reduce cost as well as to simplify their productivity provision.

At the Ubuntu Booth in Hall P3 – 3K31 at Mobile World Congress, several devices with support for Ubuntu Snaps are demonstrated, including a freshly announced Dell Edge Gateway 3000 series with Ubuntu Core 16 and the TS-4900, one of the most secure, easy to manage, and flexible i.MX6 powered boards on the market.

Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek will be at the Canonical booth to discuss enterprise solutions for secure file sharing and collaboration.

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