Nextcloud Android client 1.3.0 Brings Files Drop Support, Calendar/Contacts Integration with DAVdroid

Directly from the Nextcloud conference in Berlin we are happy to announce the release of Nextcloud Android Client version 1.3.0 on the Google Play Store and f-droid store. Besides our usual bug fixes and design improvements we introduce significant new features, including support for new Nextcloud features like Files Drop and much requested Calendar/Contacts integration in collaboration with the DAVdroid team.

Integration of Calendar/Contacts sync

In close collaboration with the DAVdroid team we’ve created a feature which automatically configures your calendar and contacts on your phone with the details of your Nextcloud server. The feature, to be found in the Settings menu, will check if DAVdroid is installed and if not, redirect you to the F-Droid store or Google Play Store, even providing a direct download if neither are available. If or once DAVdroid is installed, it will automatically create the required account settings in DAVdroid.

We’re working on even more seamless integration, enabling account provisioning via magic URL’s.

Files drop permission in share view

Nextcloud introduced the file drop feature allowing you to create public links for others to upload files to you which hide their file listing. Now the Android app also allows you to configure a share with this attribute. Simply go to the share screen, choose allow editing and activate Hide file listing.

Filter remote and local file lists

The top bar adds the ability to filter the currently displayed folder content. This will help you in case you are looking for a certain file or a certain group of files like the photos taken yesterday in a large folder. In the future we plan to extend this functionality to a true search for your Nextcloud managed files!

Display quota

The drawer menu shows the space already used and the total space available for the active account. Starting with Nextcloud 10, in case you are lucky to have an unlimited quota this information won’t be displayed. The progress bar will turn yellow and red the closer you get to the limit of your available space.

Revamped upload options

We changed the options available when manually uploading files to Nextcloud. We are now offering:

  • Moving the file to the Nextcloud app storage space which will upload the file selection and then delete it from the source app and keep a copy in the Nextcloud folder.
  • Keep the file in the source folder which will upload the file selection and leave it in the original folder on your device.
  • Delete file from source folder will upload the file selection and afterwards delete the local files completely from your device.

Respect metered wifi and block instant uploads

Respecting metered wifi networks is a minor change to the app but has a huge impact for anyone who actually depends on metered wifi networks. The Nextcloud Android app respects this and from now on doesn’t upload your videos and photos when connected to such a network to not burn the limited or expensive traffic volume. Whenever the device connects to a non metered wifi it will then start uploading. Besides this we also added the option to limit instant uploads to only be done while your device is being charged to save you some crucial battery time.


Smaller features and improvements include:

  • Resume chunked uploads instead of doing a complete restart
  • Handle both folders and files on sort by date
  • Text can be selected and shared to Nextcloud
  • Proper handling of .djvu files

Choose to upgrade now

You can download the new version via Google Play Store and f-droid and get these features and enhancements today. As always you can also

So enjoy this new release and stay tuned for further improvements which are on their way!

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