Nextcloud Android app update with improved user interface and sharing

Today the Nextcloud Android team is proud to release version 3.2, which brings a new file detail view together with a large number of smaller user interface improvements and bug fixes. With almost 80 merged pull requests and over 35 resolved issue reports, this release is all about polishing and improving the user experience.

The new detail view for files has been updated to be more consistent with our web interface view. The design went through 4 different iterations with input from half a dozen contributors and many more testers, and attention was spend to details like using the same order in the file menu as is used in the web interface. A special thanks goes to long time contributor Andy Scherzinger who was the driving force behind the work on the new view!

Besides the big piece of user interface work, bug fixes related to end-to-end encryption, contacts backup, the upload view and the image viewer were included.

As always, you can get the Android client for free in the Google App Store or, with a short delay in F-Droid, and we look forward to your feedback!

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