Nextcloud and Red Hat partner to provide GDPR-compliance friendly on-premises collaboration solution

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We’re very excited to announce a partnership with Red Hat to deliver Nextcloud on OpenShift and RH Storage solutions. Red Hat’s experience in file storage and hosting and Nextcloud as powerful collaboration and file syncing platform combine into the perfect solution for organizations trying to get their data back under control. The partnership delivers hybrid and private cloud, container management and storage technology to Nextcloud customers, providing them a full-stack platform that combines the ease of use and productivity of the public cloud with the control and compliance capabilities businesses require.

Compliance complications

The GDPR requires businesses and other organizations who handle data from private users to offer clarity about how they use this data as well as a way to access, rectify or delete it. When dealing with a public cloud vendor, data leaves the control sphere of the business and a Data Processing Agreement needs to be signed with the cloud vendor. The business then has to ensure processes are set up to deal with GDPR related requests to be compliant. Keeping data in-house by self hosting negates the need for dealing with one more external party, keeping the whole process in-house and simplifying compliance.

Compliance with privacy, accounting or security regulations is a growing concern for many industries. An on-premises enterprise solution hosting Nextcloud on the Red Hat platform provides an easy and fast way to a more compliant infrastructure.

— Michaela Tluste, Senior Channel Manager at Red Hat.

A full productivity solution

Nextcloud offers customers a full, open source productivity platform for syncing and securely exchanging data with colleagues, customers and partners, deeply integrated in existing user directory and storage technologies. With a security-first focus, the easy to use mobile and desktop applications as well as browser interface allow employees secure, real-time document editing, communication through audio, video and text chat and collaboration and planning. By hosting Nextcloud on-premises, compliance concerns can be mitigated easily.

I see a partnership between Red Hat and Nextcloud as bringing the best of two worlds together. Maintaining an ever-growing Nextcloud installation has give me first-hand experience with the incredible value of a support contract from both companies and I look forward to further innovations in improving operational efficiency offered by their combined platform.

— Thomas Hildmann, Head of Department Infrastructure of the IT ServiceCenter at TU Berlin
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Red Hat Ceph Storage delivers software-defined storage on a range of industry-standard hardware with block, object, and file storage together with backward compatibility with standards including NFS combined into 1 platform. Red Hat OpenShift is a complete container application platform that natively integrates technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, a powerful container cluster management and orchestration system. It deploys reliably across environments, letting customers meet demand while reducing infrastructure costs.

Running a scalable, secure private cloud infrastructure is made massively easier by combining Nextcloud and Red Hat Solutions. Our partnership provides our customers with a cost-effective, reliable and well supported solution to increase productivity in their organizations.

— Morris Jobke, Senior Platform Architect at Nextcloud.

Nextcloud workloads are very suitable to containerization, scaling almost linearly when more application servers are added under management of OpenShift. The Software Defined Storage solutions from Red Hat complement this cluster of application servers, providing high performance, consistent object storage for Nextcloud while a Galera Cluster can ensure scale-out database services.

The solutions integrate, allowing OpenShift to orchestrate and manage a container cluster with Nextcloud application servers, Ceph storage nodes and the Galera Cluster Database, delivering to enterprises a reliable, easy to manage on-site, compliance-friendly file sync and collaboration solution.

Today, Nextcloud also announces its GDPR Compliance Kit to make compliance easier for its customers.

Customers interested in Red Hat Storage or Container Cluster Management can contact the Nextcloud Sales team for information.

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