Nextcloud 12.0.4 is here, time to upgrade!

After some serious testing, we’ve made new updates available for Nextcloud administrators. This release brings important stability and security improvements and we strongly recommend to apply it. As always, our focus has been on reliability rather than features so this should be a safe upgrade. If you are looking for more excitement, we recommend you help us test Nextcloud 13 Beta! Nextcloud 13 introduces some impressive performance improvements alongside a host of new features.

Read on to find out what’s new, check the full changelog or grab the latest version now!


Maintaining a stable series means bringing fixes for small problems as well as security issues in so administrators can be sure that upgrades are safe and quick. For this update, nearly 60 changes were written, reviewed, tested and integrated into the server while several more were made for the various apps that are part of the core package.

The most notable improvements include:

  • Several Object Storage fixes
  • Better IPv6 handling
  • Allowing a quota of 0, don’t reset quota
  • Improved browser support
  • Improve LDAP user cleanup
  • Style and translation improvements (contrast/readability, adding missing icons)

Users of our updater will see a notification over the coming days. As we do staged roll-out it can take some time!

Migration now possible

A change many ownCloud users were looking forward to is that we made it possible to upgrade from ownCloud 10.0.4 and older to this Nextcloud release. If you want more information about the migration path, you can read our post from last May on how to upgrade. Last but not least, for users of the Nextcloud Snap like those using the Nextcloud Box or using it on their own server, the Snap will be upgraded to Nextcloud 12 with this update!

A subset of the changes has been made available for Nextcloud 11 as part of Nextcloud 11.0.6. This release was also made compatible with PHP 7.1. See the changelog for details and download links.

As always a big thank you to everybody who helped make this release possible, including those who helped test the release candidate. Thanks to our community, we can test many more configurations than would be possible manually. If you, despite all this, encounter any problems, please report it and consider joining our testing efforts next time to ensure your use case is taken into account!

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