Saturday and Sunday: lightning talks and workshops at the Nextcloud Conference

The Nextcloud conference will feature its usual schedule of talks, workshops, and intensive coding sessions. But on the weekend, we have planned two keynotes featuring Tristan Nitot and Martin Dougiamas, and a lot of lightning talks from our community! Come share knowledge and discover what your fellow Nextclouders are up to! You will have plenty of time to discuss those topics during the weekend, and you can even come back on Monday and Tuesday!


Saturday Program

09:00-10:30Welcome with coffee/tea
10:30-11h15KeynoteTristan Nitot
11:30-13:00* Android App: The journey of the 1st year in the wild – Andy Scherzinger

* Android App, current state and outlook – Tobias Kaminsky

* Introducing the Tirana Nextcloud community – Silva Arapi

* What is new in the desktop client – Roeland Douma

* Client-side Encryption with Cryptomator – Tobias Hagemann

* Push Notifications in Nextcloud – Joas Schilling

* Introducing On My Disk Connector: easy way to connect your external drive to Nextcloud – Alexey Volkov

* p≡p ≡ pretty Easy privacy – Privacy by Default – sva

* Making communication easier: The Nextcloud Chat – Klaus Herberth

* RGSoC experience with Nextcloud Project – Jona Azizaj and Xheni Myrtaj

* VNCsafe Zimlet – Nextcloud & Zimbra Integration – Oscar Arias Ferrera

* ???? Fostering a diverse & welcoming community – Jan-Christoph Borchardt

Nextcloud Community
13:00Lunch time!
14:00-15:00Introducing On My Disk Connector: easy way to connect your external drive to NextcloudAlexey Volkov
14:30-15:30What is new in the Desktop client?Roeland Douma
15:30-16:30Client-side Encryption with CryptomatorTobias Hagemann
16:00-17:00So you want to contribute? Building a user-centric UX by exampleMario Danic
16:30-17:30Translate Nexcloud to German!


Sunday Program

09:00-10:30Welcome with coffee/tea
10:30-11h15KeynoteMartin Dougiamas
11:30-13:00* Welcome to TU Berlin – we’re now Nextclouders – Thomas Hildmann

* Video Calls in Nextcloud – Ivan Sein & Joas Schilling

* Streamlining the Nextcloud Docker Experience – Paul Adams

* DAVdroid / Nextcloud Integration – Bernhard Stockmann & Ricki Hirner

* Audio Player: our lessons learned and outlook – Marcel Scherello

* iOS announcements – Nina Cercy

* ? Join the Nextcloud design team! – Jan-Christoph Borchardt

* Free Software Licensing in a Nutshell – What every developer should know – Björn Schießle

* How many lines of code do you need to build your first Nextcloud App? – Camila San Martin Ayres

* State of the Deck app – Julian Härtl

* How to jump start a local floss community – Redon Skikuli

* Get your family and friends to use Nextcloud – Nina Cercy

* My summer with GNOME and Nextcloud – Julius Härtl

* Nextcloud in the public administration & the importance of the community in the process – Redon Skikuli

*  Real-time Secure Collaboration with Collabora, what’s next? – Michael Meeks

* instabeameSSL – instabeame team

* NextCloudPi, easy self-hosting for everyone – Ignacio Núñez Hernanz

Nextcloud Community
13:00Lunch time!
14:00-15:00How many lines of code do you need to build your first Nextcloud app?Camila San Martin Ayres
14:30-15:30Nextcloud Docker Image EnrichmentPaul Adams
15:30-16:30? Nextcloud design team discussionJan-Christoph Borchardt
16:30-17:30Translate Nexcloud to German!

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If you can’t make it, we will live stream the talks from the conference. Find our live stream here.

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