Keep your data safe: update to 22.2.1, 21.0.6 and 20.0.14 as soon as possible! And 23RC1 is here, help test!

We just made another round of fixes available for our stable releases! Nextcloud 22.2.1, 21.0.6 and 20.0.14 are out, bringing the usual improvements for small problems users found over the last 6 weeks as well as security changes and hardenings. As we always say: stay safe, update!

Edit: on Monday the 12th we released 22.2.2 and 23RC2 to address a serious performance regression that hit some bigger servers. On Monday the 15th another two minor updates, 22.2.3, 21.0.7, due to an important library update made a few hours earlier on Monday. Please update!

Get testing!

Besides these minor updates for the stable versions, we also made available some test versions. The first release candidate for the upcoming major release Nextcloud 23 is ready for testing and the Desktop client team made 3.4RC1 available. Go test these releases and report back to us so we can make them rock stable!

Nextcloud 22.2.1, 21.0.6 and 20.0.14: what’s new?

There are a little over 70 changes for 22 and 21, and some 40 for 20. Note that, for 20, its lifecycle is quickly nearing its end and it is really time to start updating to 21 or 22! Most server admins have already done so and you don’t want to be caught running unmaintained software with the security risks that that entails! The improvements are all minor fixes and security hardenings. As always we strongly recommend you update to ensure you have a secure and reliable content collaboration platform that respects your digital sovereignty!

Don’t be like the hundreds of organizations that are hacked simply because they took too long to update their infrastructure, like Homerun recently discovered – being one month behind an Apache update cost them significantly in bitcoins and a potential investigation from privacy authorities.

You can find the full change log of fixes and improvements for 22.2.1, 21.0.6 and 20.0.14 on our website.

Note: running web facing software without regular updates is risky. Please stay up to date with Nextcloud releases of both the server and its apps, for the safety of your data! Customers can always count on our upgrade support if needed!

Move to 22?

Nextcloud Hub 22 brings a wide range of improvements for the modern digital office with new workflows, important new collaboration features in Talk, Groupware, and Files for effective self-management for teams.

The biggest improvements Nextcloud Hub 22 introduces are:

  • ⭕ User-defined groups with Circles that makes it easier to manage teams where you can share files or assign tasks to circles, or create chat rooms for a circle
  • 🗂️ Integrated chat and task management where you can simply share a deck card into a chat room or turn a chat message into a task
  • 🔃 Easy approval workflow, where an administrator can define a new approval flow in the settings and users can, on a document, request approval
  • 📝 Getting your document signatures easy with integrated PDF signing with DocuSign, EIDEasy, and LibreSign
  • 📚 Integrated knowledge management Nextcloud puts knowledge available to everyone at a moments’ notice, providing easy search, sharing, and portable access
  • 💌 Groupware improvements bringing a trash bin feature in Calendar and more. Nextcloud Mail features improved threading, email tagging, and support for Sieve filtering

There are many more new features and changes like notifications in the app navigation, integrated compression in the Files interface, and significant performance improvements to universal search.

Nextcloud Talk 12 adds to this:

  • 📇 Deck integration (create task from chat message, share a task into a chat)
  • 👂 Send voice messages (web and mobile)
  • 🗺 Share your location and contacts (mobile)
  • 👀 Privacy settings in your profile
  • ♻️ Delete messages up to 6 hours after you sent them
  • 💌 Outlook integration with Talk

and much more!

Get it now!

Stay safe: keep your server up-to-date!

Minor Nextcloud releases are security and functionality bug fixes, not rewrites of major systems that risk user data! We also do extensive testing, both in our code base and by upgrading a series of real-world systems to the test versions. This ensures that upgrades to minor releases are generally painless and reliable. As the updates not only fix feature issues but also security problems, it is a bad idea to not upgrade!

This is, of course, also true for apps: Keeping them updated has security benefits, besides the new features and other bug fixes.

If you are maintaining a mission-critical Nextcloud system for your enterprise, it is highly recommended that you get yourself some insurance (and job security… who gets blamed if the file handling system isn’t working as expected?). A hotline to the core Nextcloud developers is the best guarantee for reliable service for your users, and the job safety of you as system administrator.

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