Help us test upcoming client releases!

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We are looking for testers for upcoming client releases! The new Android App version is on its way, we’ve just built the pre-release of the new Desktop client, and we need you folks to give it a try.  We want to make sure they are really stable before they can be fully released.

What’s new?

Desktop client

This new version ( 2.3.0 RC1 ) brings some nice improvements:

  • decreased memory and CPU usage
  • you can now easily deny or allow the sync of external storages
  • public share links can now be transferred to your standard mail client directly after creation
  • improved error messages for users

You can download versions for Windows and Mac here, find sources here and report issues here.

Android Client

We also released a new version (1.4.2 RC4) of our Android Client:

  • Auto Upload (Android 6+)
  • Auto Upload improvements and fixes
  • Fix for Android permissions (removed read phone state permission)
  • Fix re-upload of files

You can download the test client on Google Play Store or F-Droid and report issues on Github.

If you are a Snapchat user, you should be able to automatically back-up your files from Snapchat. Try out and join the conversation about Snapchat backups on the forums!

Notable Replies

  1. For those looking for linux packages it might make sense to compile this for testing, tough we wouldn't mind if packagers made some testing packages available. See also the discussion about the beta.

  2. Appcrash at uninstalling last version:

    Install worked as expected

  3. Works fine under Windows 10.

  4. Finally works under macOS. No more SSL problems. Thanks!

  5. jasit says:

    Can anyone explain what this means? With the windows desktop client how do you do this?

  6. Upgrade windows desktop client (on windows 10) from latest stable to 2.3.0 RC1 done without any issue. Reconnecting and syncing worked well. Thanks!

  7. I like to test extensively the linux client when he is in the repos! I have no Windows or Android. So I test the linux client as .deb or .rpm package gladly

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