Help test the next generation Nextcloud Desktop Clients!

Over the past months, the Nextcloud desktop team has been working hard to integrate End-to-end Encryption as well as a number of other improvements in the Nextcloud desktop client. To facilitate testing, we’ve set up daily builds for Windows, Linux and Mac and we’d like to encourage you all to help test the clients!

The new token-based login flow of the client

The coming weeks will be spent merging the last planned features currently in pull requests in our repo (review and testing welcome there, too!) and stabilizing the clients for a release. As always, our goal is to release a very stable product and that, in no small part, depends on you, our community! Get involved, help us make this the best Nextcloud client release ever!

You can find the daily builds on the download server.

Notable Replies

  1. Great :slight_smile:
    First feedback (Nextcloud-

    • Quite long to install (Windows 10, Core I7) → 2 minutes
    • It triggered a restart of my machine without asking : I blocked that but it closed all other application open
    • “Launch Nextcloud” box is ticked, but it does nothing
    • I try to launch it from Explorer: nothing either [EDIT] : actually, it does start :slight_smile:
    • Filters in “not synchronized files” tab are very useful while for a standard user, it’s not visible enough that we don’t see all problems when it’s filtered. I think a very visible message should explain that there are other issues which are not visible because of filters
    • Congrats!
  2. Can I safely install the new client besides the old client and connect the new one with a test account?

  3. Can I safely install the new client besides the old client and connect the new one with a test account?

    On Windows, No: it will take automatically your configuration and use your configured sync. Then, if you want to use the current official version, you’ll have to reconfigure everything :frowning:

  4. For Arch/Manjaro users, I just added the daily AppImage to the AUR for a convenient installation process. All the script does is to copy the latest version to /opt/appimages/

    I simply like to manage software through repos more than AppImage files everywhere :wink:

  5. Perhaps you can provide a installer to install a second sync client. ownCloud did this by providing a testpilot client.

  6. It’s probably the best you all report your issues to the bugtracker providing all important information (versions, logfiles, conditions to reproduce bugs):

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