21.0.2, 20.0.10 and 19.0.11 are available – prepare to update! Beta 1 for 22 is also out so you can help test.

Nextcloud 21.0.2 and the earlier releases come with up to 50 fixes for a variety of issues users encountered over the last months. We strongly recommend you update to ensure you have a secure and reliable content collaboration platform that respects your digital sovereignty!

Nextcloud 20.0.8 and 19.0.9: what’s new?

Some of the fixes are translation updates or the addition of some extra warnings and logging for the server, or deal with minor nuisances like using png images in daily activity emails to display them properly in mail clients that do not support scaleable graphics. A number of accessibility issues in our documentation were fixed as well as some minor functionality defects and other problems to help keep your data safe.

As always, minor releases include stability and security improvements that are designed to be a safe and quick upgrade.

You can find the full change log of fixes and improvements for 21.0.2, 20.0.10 and 19.0.11 on our website.

Note: running web facing software without regular updates is risky. Please stay up to date with Nextcloud releases of both the server and its apps, for the safety of your data! Customers can always count on our upgrade support if needed!

Nextcloud 22 is coming

Today we also release the first beta of Nextcloud 22! The goal of these beta releases is to give users like you a chance to try out the upcoming release and find issues. While we do a lot of testing ourselves, there are a near infinite number of combinations of underlying platform and use cases Nextcloud is deployed in, so the only way to be 100% certain a new release will work for you is to help test it and report problems!

If you want to know more and be more involved in testing, join our forums, we post calls for testing in the news or development sections.

You can find the beta on the bottom-right of our install page, in the “Get involved” section, or download the zip file directly with the button below.

Stay safe: keep your server up-to-date!

Minor Nextcloud releases are security and functionality bug fixes, not rewrites of major systems that risk user data! We also do extensive testing, both in our code base and by upgrading a series of real-world systems to the test versions. This ensures that upgrades to minor releases are painless and reliable. As the updates not only fix feature issues but also security problems, it is a bad idea to not upgrade!

This is, of course, also true for apps: Keeping them updated has security benefits, besides the new features and other bug fixes.

If you are maintaining a mission-critical Nextcloud system for your enterprise, it is highly recommended that you get yourself some insurance (and job security… who gets blamed if the file handling system isn’t working as expected?). A hotline to the core Nextcloud developers is the best guarantee for reliable service for your users, and the job safety of you as system administrator.

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