10 GB free Nextcloud storage via TUXEDO Computers

TUXEDO Computers is a hardware manufacturer from Germany that develops and manufactures pre-installed devices based on the Linux operating system. Their customers get 10 GB of storage on the myTUXEDO Cloud with every device purchased from TUXEDO Computers. Want to know more?

What you use yourself, you like to share

TUXEDO Computers works here with Nextcloud, the provider of open source cloud solutions, and uses its software for its own infrastructure. The software is used both for the internal cloud, which employees can access and actively work with, and for the myTUXEDO cloud for customers.
Users who purchase a device from TUXEDO Computers will receive a code for the myTUXEDO Cloud and 10 GB of storage for free at the time of purchase.

In this way, we are helping to spread the word about the secure open-source solution. On the one hand, we are making Nextcloud a little better known, and on the other, we are triggering the buyers to think about what other open-source options are available,

explains Herbert Feiler, CEO of TUXEDO Computers.

We ourselves appreciate many things about Nextcloud, such as the convenience and the numerous internal functions as well as the security in terms of data protection – because the servers are located in Germany and are therefore subject to German data protection law. This provides legal certainty for us as well as for customers. For customers, it makes sense, for example, to have individual accounts or to be able to create access for their families.” Currently, the myTUXEDO Cloud has around 2000 registered users and the number is constantly growing.
The cooperation with Nextcloud has been further intensified in recent years: For the annual conference in Berlin, Nextcloud regularly receives rental devices from TUXEDO Computers, e.g. to coordinate the admission and ticket issuing. Up to 10 devices are made available to the event. Herbert Feiler continues: “We are happy to help out colleagues with technical equipment and at the same time show what TUXEDO Computers can offer – so everyone is helped.

What is TUXEDO Computers?

TUXEDO Computers is a hardware manufacturer from Germany that develops and manufactures pre-installed devices based on the Linux operating system. Computers, notebooks and PCs from TUXEDO Computers are not mass-produced or off-the-shelf devices. Each device is individually assembled, installed, configured and tested for customers. This process ensures consistent high quality, reliability, quietness and low noise. TUXEDO is the English word for a tailor-made suit. It is also the name of the Linux mascot Tux.

In addition, there is always the possibility to implement individual wishes in the hardware configurations, as well as to manufacture completely individual devices and configurations for customers. Whether for private or business customers, whether at home, in the office, in production, in training or on the road – a suitable solution can always be made. Therefore, the in-house development department programs its own driver packages and software solutions, such as the TUXEDO Control Center, for an optimal Linux experience. Customers also have access to a comprehensive online support area, the free hotline, and e-mail advice from our support staff. Our colleagues are also on hand to provide advice and support when it comes to purchasing advice.

For more information, please visit: www.tuxedocomputers.com and https://www.tuxedocomputers.com/en/why-TUXEDO.tuxedo#

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