Nextcloud Android 3.1 app improves UI, 50% faster file listing and more

Nextcloud Android app v3
Straight from the Hackweek in Stuttgart, we release the Nextcloud 3.1 app with many small improvements, bug fixes and speed improvements.

What‘s new and improved?

Building on the strong 3.0 release just two months ago, this version delivers a series of improvements, including:

  • Improved support for Android 8.x Oreo
  • Significant performance improvements
  • UI and user experience improvements
  • Many bug fixes and stability enhancements
  • Updated support to keep offline files available

With over 45 closed and fixed bugs and 78 pull requests merged, users will notice small improvements all over. In particular the speed improvement in the file listing will be clear, especially on folders with many files, cutting the time it takes to show them in half!

Version 3.1 is available on the Google Play store and comes to FDroid soon!

Enjoy the new Android app and greetings from Stuttgart!

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