12.0.5 and 11.0.7 are out – time to upgrade!

Today we released bugfix releases to the stable Nextcloud series, 12.0.5 and 11.0.7. They come with many small improvements to improve the stability and reliability of your Nextcloud server, and as usual we strongly recommend to upgrade at your earliest convenience.

Main changes

The main changes are:

  • More reliable unlocking (#7144), handling of SWIFT (#7409) and syncing (#7407). S3 gets support for legacy V2 auth (#7758)
  • Make groupfolders work better with shared files (#7323)
  • Improved compatibility with zip file downloads (#7779)
  • Improvements to samba/windows network drive compatibility and performance (#7774, #7962)
  • Minor performance improvements (#7464, #7577)
  • Fix scss webroot and url rewrite, needed for our Snap image (#7688)

You can find a full list in our changelog.

Nextcloud 11.0.7 has a subset of these improvements, including the zip fix and samba enhancements.

You can get Nextcloud 12.0.5 from our download page and 11.0.7 from our changelog.

As always:

remember, an up-to-date server is a more secure server. Update as soon as you can!

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