Private audio and video calls

The most flexible and secure way of chatting with your friends and customers.

Private, group and public calls

Video calls enables you to call your friends, customers and partners in one-to-one or group-scenarios. You can also invite external chat participants with an URL into public rooms on your Nextcloud.

Screen Sharing

Share a single window or your full desktop screen content for presentations with your chat-partners.

Check out the Video Calls app in our app store!

Security. Brought by WebRTC.

We use a technology called "WebRTC" which allows browsers to make direct, peer to peer connections between each other. We encrypt these streams fully end to end, both for audio and video chat. Not even the server administrator has access to the content of the call taking place.

Contact our sales team if you want to know about support for our video calls technology or SIP integration into Nextcloud.

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