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Why the (A)GPL is great for business users

As IT leader, you are in need of reliable, long term solutions for your enterprise to build on. You can’t have a sudden license change forcibly increase cost, weak security undermine trade secrecy or sale or bankruptcy of a vendor deprive you of qualified support. Designed to protect the recipient … Continued

Three Challenges for a Chief Data Officer

With the growing importance of data in companies, the role of a Chief Data Officer – CDO – is becoming more formalized. CDO’s today are seen as stewards for data ownership and responsibility across the enterprise and you see this role in organizations as diverse as Citygroup, Yahoo! and the … Continued

Welcoming new team members

Today, we announced Andreas Rode is joining us as our new head of sales. Since we started in June, our company has grown to over 20 employees, with more joining us every month. In the last weeks, we had 2FA author Christoph join us, as well as Georg, maintainer of … Continued

Nextcloud design team updates! :)

We had a great design workshop at the Nextcloud Conference in Berlin! There we discussed the current design process and how to improve it even further. Starting out we talked about how our process works currently, what we like about it, and what is happening at the moment: The process … Continued

Practical Conference Information

Soon, the Nextcloud conference will start! Yesterday, we reported on the program. Today we have put up a page on our website with practical information about the event. If you have any questions, you can ask them in our forums!

Nextcloud Conference Program Live

Those of you eagerly awaiting the Nextcloud Conference kickoff on Friday, here’s an extra teaser: our schedule is live! As you can see, we have about 50 talks and sessions about a wide variety of subjects around private cloud technology with a focus on the future. Help us realize our … Continued

Nextcloud 10 RC out: help test!

Today we made available a release candidate of Nextcloud 10! We’d love to get feedback on this and thus ask you to help test it! Almost ready Since our beta release some weeks ago we made a lot of progress. The last features were integrated and we did a lot … Continued

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