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Nextcloud 10 RC out: help test!

Today we made available a release candidate of Nextcloud 10! We’d love to get feedback on this and thus ask you to help test it! Almost ready Since our beta release some weeks ago we made a lot of progress. The last features were integrated and we did a lot … Continued

Nextcloud Appstore improvements

The Appstore is an important part of the vision behind Nextcloud: building a healthy ecosystem around our project. The store makes it easy for users to discover and install new applications while it enables developers to reach a wider audience. In this blog we go over the main improvements as … Continued

Nextcloud Joins Open Source Business Alliance in Germany

Started by the Linux Solutions Group e.V. and LIVE Linux-Verband e.V. in 2011, the German language focused OSB Alliance is a collaboration of IT providers who want to push Open Source Software forward. Members can network, partner, share knowledge and experience and work on new ideas together, for example in … Continued

Invitation to our hackweek in Stuttgart

Next week, August 1-5, we’ve planned another Hackweek to kick off a discussion about Nextcloud 11 (to be released later this year), testing infrastructure and many other practical and social subjects around our project. On Tuesday evening we’ll organize a BBQ again but this time, everyone’s invited to join any … Continued

Security highlight for companies in 2016

We’re here to protect your data Bitkom, Germany’s digital association representing the digital economy, considers security the most important theme of 2016 in the IT industry. Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of things are just behind, part of a growing revolution of production and consumption in the digital era. … Continued

Nextcloud and Collabora Bring Online Office To Everybody

Thanks to a partnership of Nextcloud with Collabora there is now a great solution for self hosting Online Office for everybody! Nextcloud, being a strongly community-focused project, worked with Collabora to provide a easy to use Online Office solution for the first time for home users, easily integrated in Nextcloud. … Continued

Nextcloud Android client 1.1.0 is here

With the latest Nextcloud update and the iOS app released this week we are excited to announce today’s release of Nextcloud Android Client version 1.1.0 on the Google Play Store and f-droid (not live as of this writing, coming soon). This new version introduces two new, major features: Deeper integration … Continued

Nextcloud 9 update brings security, open source enterprise capabilities and support subscription, iOS app

We’re excited to announce that our Enterprise Support Subscriptions are available! With the Nextcloud update available today come enterprise capabilities including Windows Network Drive storage support, Shibboleth/SAML authentication integration, theming capabilities and control over password policy. These provide the most important capabilities for enterprises, under an open source license and … Continued

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