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Security highlight for companies in 2016
We’re here to protect your data Bitkom, Germany’s digital association representing the digital economy, considers security the most important theme of 2016 in the IT industry. Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of things are just behind, part of a growing revolution of production and consumption in the digital era. … Continued Read more.
Beta of Nextcloud 10 with Two-Factor Authentication, Improved Federation and more
Today we release a beta of Nextcloud 10. This release brings a number of new features like new authentication protection mechanisms (including brute force protection and Two-Factor Authentication), improvements to federation, usability work and more. We’re also close to implementing the final pieces of enterprise functionality we promised, a task … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud and Collabora Bring Online Office To Everybody
Thanks to a partnership of Nextcloud with Collabora there is now a great solution for self hosting Online Office for everybody! Nextcloud, being a strongly community-focused project, worked with Collabora to provide a easy to use Online Office solution for the first time for home users, easily integrated in Nextcloud. … Continued Read more.
Help build the future of private clouds at the Nextcloud Conference in Berlin, Sept 16-22
We’re excited to announce that the Nextcloud community will be meeting at the TU Berlin from September 16 to 22 for a week of talks and coding around the next generation private cloud technology. You can already subscribe to our Conference Newsletter and follow what’s going on on our forums. … Continued Read more.
httpoxy Can Affect Nextcloud, Get Your Update Now
We ship Guzzle 5 as part of Nextcloud. This handles http requests and supports HTTP_PROXY environment variable which can be abused, in some special scenario’s, by an attacker to read content. In the worst case, when you use the ajax cron feature, an attacker can potentially see external storage credentials … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Android client 1.1.0 is here
With the latest Nextcloud update and the iOS app released this week we are excited to announce today’s release of Nextcloud Android Client version 1.1.0 on the Google Play Store and f-droid (not live as of this writing, coming soon). This new version introduces two new, major features: Deeper integration … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 9 update brings security, open source enterprise capabilities and support subscription, iOS app
We’re excited to announce that our Enterprise Support Subscriptions are available! With the Nextcloud update available today come enterprise capabilities including Windows Network Drive storage support, Shibboleth/SAML authentication integration, theming capabilities and control over password policy. These provide the most important capabilities for enterprises, under an open source license and … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud joins Open Cloud Mesh initiative of GÉANT to continue driving Federated Cloud Sharing development
Nextcloud has formally joined the Open Cloud Mesh project, a GÉANT Association initiative, to continue development of the Federated Cloud Sharing API and further its goal of connecting private clouds in a way that keeps users in control. Origin and goals Based on the Federated Cloud Sharing API initially announced … Continued Read more.
Last week in Nextcloud: First release, HackerOne floods and more
This has been a crazy week, and it is only the third week Nextcloud exists. Let me share some of the things which have happened in the last few days! Nextcloud 9 We released Nextcloud 9 what seems like an eternity ago – and it was just last Tuesday. With … Continued Read more.
Introducing the Nextcloud bug bounty program
Today we are happy to announce the Nextcloud bug bounty program. We offer some of the highest bounties in the open source software industry, rewarding responsible disclosure with up to $5,000 for qualifying vulnerabilities! We have partnered with the HackerOne platform because of its extraordinary popularity among IT security professionals. … Continued Read more.
Why open source rocks!
Last week we’ve implemented some previously »enterprise only« functionality in Nextcloud. Having enterprise apps developed in the open means you can make a serious jump forward in quality and integration. Collaborating across the whole community with testing and reviewing makes a huge difference, and there is no need for all … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 9 Available, Enterprise Functionality to be Open Source
Well ahead of the early July promise, today Nextcloud makes available Nextcloud 9. With this release we also announce to release all enterprise functionality as open source. Building on top of the open source ownCloud core and adding functionality and fixes, this release provides a solid base for users to … Continued Read more.
Who is Nextcloud
Nextcloud is an evolution of the project started by Frank Karlitschek 6 years ago to bring give people back control over their data. We believe that with this new endeavor, the open future of the project has been secured. Nextcloud kicks off as a healthy company, combining the booming Spreed.ME … Continued Read more.
We are Nextcloud – the future of private file sync and share
You should have full control over your data. We help you achieve that: a safe home for all your data. Secure, under your control and developed in an open, transparent and trustworthy way. We are Nextcloud. Started by well known open source file sync and share project founder Frank Karlitschek … Continued Read more.

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