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6 months in, Nextcloud profitable and growing strong
Since we announced Nextcloud on June 2nd, the project has become the most active open source file sync and share solution. The many contributors are backed by a 24 people strong enterprise employing 9 out of 10 of the most active developers over the last six months. The company is … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud iOS app Open Sourced
We are proud to announce that from now on, the Nextcloud iOS app is open source! You can find the full code in github and get involved right now! Licensing Since we partnered with TWS we have worked with them to improve the fit between Nextcloud and the iOS application. … Continued Read more.
Second Nextcloud 11 Beta Available!
A quick note: we’ve published Beta 2 of Nextcloud 11 and we’re looking forward to more feedback and bug reports! For some solid arguments on why to test, see our earlier blog about the first beta. The release is targeted for later this month. Help us make Nextcloud 11 rock … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud: the most active open source file sync and share project!*
Nextcloud has been making steady progress, with our Windows Mobile client and the CalDAV Outlook Synchronizer merely the last in a long list of great things coming from our community. Nextcloud 11 Beta is ready for testing, introducing many great features, showing how active our development is. Statistics Looking at … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud is looking to hire in sales, development
Nextcloud is growing – the community is incredibly active and the business behind it is growing fast as well. We need sales engineers, an account manager and help with embedded development; as well as various other engineering tasks. Are you interested? Submit your resume! We’re a young, fun, growing company … Continued Read more.
Two reasons why you should test Nextcloud 11 Beta this weekend!
The upcoming release of Nextcloud will be version 11 and the beta is now ready! And you’ve got a whole weekend to test it. With this beta comes the feature freeze. No more major features will be going into master, only fixes and improvements for the Nextcloud 11 codebase. We’d … Continued Read more.
Four reasons why your business should contribute to the software you use
A main reason to pick open source over proprietary software is that you can participate in its development. But many businesses wonder why they would spend money, time and effort on this! There are four good reasons why it is worth the investment. The story of Google, Android and Linux … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud for Windows Mobile is ready for testing!
Today we’d like to announce that the Nextcloud community (by way of André “SunboX” Fiedler) makes available a client for Windows Mobile! The application is in alpha testing for now because it still has a limited feature set and would benefit from more input, testing and contributions from users. You … Continued Read more.
Don’t Mess With The Google: the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket
Last Wednesday Dan’s Deals, an advertising blog, wrote a post about Google shutting down over 200 user accounts. And with shutting down, they meant it: the users no longer had access to any of their data and even emails sent to them bounced. Why? Terms of Service. The reason? These … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Sponsors and participates in OPEN! 2016
On December 7, OPEN! 2016, the conference for digital communication kicks off around the question of disruptive innovation around open data, communication, culture and technology. Experts, developers, thinkers and entrepreneurs from a variety of areas will combine their expertise to answer these questions. Our participation Nextcloud, being a prominent example … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud offers CalDav Synchronizer for Outlook users
Thanks to a collaboration btween the developers behind the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer and Nextcloud, Outlook users can now easily sync their events, tasks and contacts between Outlook and Nextcloud servers. Combined with DAVDroid for Android, your Nextcloud can handle Calendar, Contacts and Tasks for desktop and mobile clients. Protect your … Continued Read more.
Why the (A)GPL is great for business users
As IT leader, you are in need of reliable, long term solutions for your enterprise to build on. You can’t have a sudden license change forcibly increase cost, weak security undermine trade secrecy or sale or bankruptcy of a vendor deprive you of qualified support. Designed to protect the recipient … Continued Read more.
First Nextcloud Conference was a great success; videos are now live!
In the middle of September we had the first Nextcloud Conference, bringing together over 100 contributors to the TU Berlin with a focus on getting stuff done. And did we get things done! Friday kicked off with a series of talks about enterprise and large scale use of Nextcloud, followed … Continued Read more.
You’re all invited to another Stuttgart Hackweek!
Since we kicked off Nextcloud, we have organized a number of face to face meetings in Stuttgart, with the last one getting over 30 participants despite our ‘tradition’ of announcing them only 2 weeks in advance. At these meetings, we not only discuss and plan but also spend some real … Continued Read more.
CODE 2.0 Introduces Collaborative Editing of Office Documents in Nextcloud
Collabora Productivity just released CODE 2.0, bringing collaborative editing to home users and developers who want to edit documents online. Enterprise users are recommended to wait for Collabora Online 2.0 which will be released soon, they can get access to this through an Enterprise Subscription. LibreOffice Online allows users to … Continued Read more.
Three Challenges for a Chief Data Officer
With the growing importance of data in companies, the role of a Chief Data Officer – CDO – is becoming more formalized. CDO’s today are seen as stewards for data ownership and responsibility across the enterprise and you see this role in organizations as diverse as Citygroup, Yahoo! and the … Continued Read more.
Welcoming new team members
Today, we announced Andreas Rode is joining us as our new head of sales. Since we started in June, our company has grown to over 20 employees, with more joining us every month. In the last weeks, we had 2FA author Christoph join us, as well as Georg, maintainer of … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud for iOS 2.13 published with faster and more flexible up and download!
We continue to improve the Nextcloud mobile apps. After the Android client introduced major features during the Nextcloud Conference, the iOS team worked hard to also bring a slew of improvements to their app. Today we release a client with improved up- and download performance, better HTTPS X.509 based security, … Continued Read more.

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