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Nextcloud Conference 2022

Nextcloud Conference 2022 Program!

We are almost a week away from the Nextcloud Conference and are getting ready to host you at our venue in Berlin! As time is ticking, we would like to present you with an overview of the program for the weekend. From our keynote speakers and panelists to lightning talks and workshops, we have a […]

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Zimbra and Nextcloud announce new integration features!

We are excited to announce a new and improved integration between Nextcloud and Zimbra!

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Nextcloud and CISCO introduce integration with Webex

Nextcloud today introduces an embedded app in the Webex App Hub. The application allows Webex users to view and edit documents on a Nextcloud instance.

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European Governments work with Nextcloud to build Digitally Sovereign Office

As covered in the press we have been working with EU governments for some time on building a strong Nextcloud Office for use in the public sector.

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Learning Bytes and Behaviours at the Digital Workplace Day

Our partner Redpill Linpro is organising their Digital Workplace Day event on September 8 in Stockholm. We sat down with Johan Bernhardsson, CEO of the Digital Workplace division at Redpill Linpro to discuss the digital workplace, the role of open source and Nextcloud in particular and their upcoming event Digital Workplace Day in Stockholm next month.

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