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9 German Educational and Research institutions move to Nextcloud as part of TU Berlin migration, more coming
In May of this year, the Technische Universität Berlin migrated from ownCloud to Nextcloud. tubIT, the IT-Service-Center of the TU Berlin, began providing a cloud storage/sync and share service in May 2012, making it one of the first big universities providing a self-hosted, private cloud. The TU Berlin has continued … Continued Read more.
Use Collabora Online with Nextcloud directly in Univention App Center
As we strive to provide a private cloud for everyone, we have been partnering with Univention for some time now so that people can set up their Nextcloud instance in a matter of minutes. We are happy to announce that Collabora Productivity, the driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the … Continued Read more.
Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version
Last month, we announced the 2.0 version of our Outlook Add-in including branding options, high DPI support and guidance for first-time users as major features. Right now, our Add-in is only available to enterprise users. We realize this leaves out home users and small enterprises. Nextcloud strives to provide private cloud … Continued Read more.
Tristan Nitot talks about Clouds and the future of privacy
Today, we’re happy to introduce the Nextcloud community to Tristan Nitot, keynote speaker of the Nextcloud Conference! Mozilla Europe co-founder and former President, current Cozy Cloud Chief Product Officer, Tristan Nitot has been a privacy activist for years now and wrote a book about data, privacy, and surveillance last year. … Continued Read more.
How to pick the right Nextcloud releases channel?
Nextcloud covers a wide range of usages, but everybody is different and has different needs. While enterprises prefer to use very stable versions, techies at home like to try our brand new capabilities, and community members are willing to help test the last beta version. For this reason, we provide … Continued Read more.
New version of Groupfolders App is coming
Nextcloud is focused on secure sharing between members of an organization, and there are many ways in which individuals and organizations share. Shares in Nextcloud have always been individually owned, that is – a user shares a file or folder with others and as long as the others don’t deny … Continued Read more.
Circles 0.11.0 is out!
With Nextcloud 12, we introduced a new app: Circles. Circles enables users to create, manage, join and leave their own groups. Until Nextcloud 11, users could share with groups but groups were managed by Nextcloud administrators. So, each time you needed to join or create a group, you had to … Continued Read more.
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The Rise of Ransomware
It looks like 2017 truly is becoming the year ransomware went global. Ransomware appeared in 1989 but it was the rise of the internet that really enabled it, while anonymous payment systems like Bitcoin and vulnerability leaks from secret services gave it the final push. The goal of ransomware is … Continued Read more.
Connect your web app to Nextcloud with WebDAV-fs
Post by Perry Mitchell, developer While building Buttercup password manager, I was constantly looking for a suitable method to allow me to store my archive files so that they would be accessible on each device that I use. As I was already using free, self-hosted cloud storage options like … Continued Read more.
Happy birthday, Nextcloud!
This month, Nextcloud turns one year! While we built on a long history, it is nice to look back at what we accomplished in the last 12 months since we officially launched. The start When we launched Nextcloud, on June 2 2016, we made it clear that we had one … Continued Read more.
3 reasons for enterprises to take back control by hosting their own data
Whatever your company does to enforce compliance, some of your enterprise data is already floating in one or more Public Clouds. Your employees have to get work done so they circumvent your IT departments’ carefully designed permission structure by sharing documents by Gmail or via Dropbox. The real question thus is … Continued Read more.
privacyIDEA adds a new security layer to Nextcloud
Security has always been Nextcloud’s first priority, and we are always happy when people contribute in this area. Today, we are happy to present you privacyIDEA, a modular authentication system adding a security layer to your existing systems. Quick reminder about two-factor authentication Before we explain what privacyIDEA is, let’s … Continued Read more.
Introducing CiviHosting
We’d like to introduce you to a new member of our hosting community, CiviHosting. CiviHosting is a top-tier hosting firm based in the US with a strong focus on security. Their CTO, Hershel Robinson, has become an active contributor to Nextcloud, helping with code review, security issues, our YouTube videos … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Validates License Compliance Through OpenChain
Nextcloud is 100% open source, providing protection from the risks caused by mixing proprietary and open source licensed code. Risks for businesses are increasing with the rise of copyright trolls in especially Germany. Black Duck reports in their Open Source Security and Risk Analysis that nearly all of over 1000 … Continued Read more.
3 reasons to upgrade your ownCloud instance to Nextcloud and how easy it is
Since ownCloud 10.0.0 was released, many users have been asking us how to migrate to the latest version of Nextcloud. We have turned our update mechanism into a easy to use migration tool to make it as easy as possible to move over and get the benefits of Nextcloud! In … Continued Read more.

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