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Three Challenges for a Chief Data Officer
With the growing importance of data in companies, the role of a Chief Data Officer – CDO – is becoming more formalized. CDO’s today are seen as stewards for data ownership and responsibility across the enterprise and you see this role in organizations as diverse as Citygroup, Yahoo! and the … Continued Read more.
Welcoming new team members
Today, we announced Andreas Rode is joining us as our new head of sales. Since we started in June, our company has grown to over 20 employees, with more joining us every month. In the last weeks, we had 2FA author Christoph join us, as well as Georg, maintainer of … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud for iOS 2.13 published with faster and more flexible up and download!
We continue to improve the Nextcloud mobile apps. After the Android client introduced major features during the Nextcloud Conference, the iOS team worked hard to also bring a slew of improvements to their app. Today we release a client with improved up- and download performance, better HTTPS X.509 based security, … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud design team updates! :)
We had a great design workshop at the Nextcloud Conference in Berlin! There we discussed the current design process and how to improve it even further. Starting out we talked about how our process works currently, what we like about it, and what is happening at the moment: The process … Continued Read more.
New Nextcloud maintenance releases out with improved updater and over 40 fixes
Today we’ve released the first update to Nextcloud 10 and a 3rd update to Nextcloud 9. These releases bring a large number of improvements, most notably an improved updater. We strongly recommend upgrading. Read on for a taste of what is new. Improvements The new updates add some minor functionality … Continued Read more.
The Danish research and education network moves from ownCloud to Nextcloud
Today we’re pleased to announce another customer joining us. DeiC is as much a customer as a partner, serving the universities in Denmark and bringing Nextcloud to tens of thousands of users, scaling up the coming years to hundreds of thousands. Quoting from the press release: “We require a truly … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Android client 1.3.0 Brings Files Drop Support, Calendar/Contacts Integration with DAVdroid
Directly from the Nextcloud conference in Berlin we are happy to announce the release of Nextcloud Android Client version 1.3.0 on the Google Play Store and f-droid store. Besides our usual bug fixes and design improvements we introduce significant new features, including support for new Nextcloud features like Files Drop … Continued Read more.
Practical Conference Information
Soon, the Nextcloud conference will start! Yesterday, we reported on the program. Today we have put up a page on our website with practical information about the event. If you have any questions, you can ask them in our forums! Read more.
Nextcloud Conference Program Live
Those of you eagerly awaiting the Nextcloud Conference kickoff on Friday, here’s an extra teaser: our schedule is live! As you can see, we have about 50 talks and sessions about a wide variety of subjects around private cloud technology with a focus on the future. Help us realize our … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Conference: Keynote Speakers and Launch Event
We’re very excited to announce our keynote speakers for the Nextcloud Conference, scheduled to start on September 16 at the Technical University Berlin. On Saturday, Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical will open our event while Sunday Karen Sandler, Executive Director at the Software Freedom Conservancy will speak. Both are well … Continued Read more.
Friday Focus: Enterprise Use of Nextcloud at the Conference
The Nextcloud conference features a focus day on Friday around use of Nextcloud in large deployments. A variety of customers and partners is working with Nextcloud on deployments and migrations and will be there to be part of the conversation. The goal is to have strategic discussion about what the … Continued Read more.
Secure, Monitor and Control your data with Nextcloud 10 – get it now!
Nextcloud 10 is now available with many new features for system administrators to control and direct the flow of data between users on a Nextcloud server. Rule based file tagging and responding to these tags as well as other triggers like physical location, user group, file properties and request type … Continued Read more.
File Access Control – A firewall for your private files in Nextcloud
When you think about a firewall, you think about a complicated tool big companies use to keep hackers out of their networks. And perhaps you think about the many movies where weird visuals are used to represent them being used and broken through. Nextcloud has the File Access Control app … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 10 RC out: help test!
Today we made available a release candidate of Nextcloud 10! We’d love to get feedback on this and thus ask you to help test it! Almost ready Since our beta release some weeks ago we made a lot of progress. The last features were integrated and we did a lot … Continued Read more.
Collabora Online 1.8 with LO 5.1 and new features
Today, Collabora releases version 1.8, which brings an upgrade to LibreOffice 5.1 as well as some statusbar features for Writer and Calc. Improvements The new release is based on LibreOffice 5.1 which fixes a large number of small rendering issues and is a bit faster and more stable overall. In … Continued Read more.
Spreed.ME in action
Integrating secure, private video and audio chat in Nextcloud
Spreed.ME enables you to meet, collaborate and train over the Internet, in a secure and easy way. It integrates in Nextcloud through the Spreed.ME app and while we’re working on expanding and evolving that app in the future, you can already get started! We’ve published a manual on integrating Spreed.ME … Continued Read more.
Opening Registration and CfP for Nextcloud Conference
In a little over a month, the Nextcloud Conference will take you and other contributors to Berlin for a week of talks, workshops and lots of code! As of today, registration is open, the Call for Papers is open. Program and Registration The conference takes place from Friday the 16th … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Appstore improvements
The Appstore is an important part of the vision behind Nextcloud: building a healthy ecosystem around our project. The store makes it easy for users to discover and install new applications while it enables developers to reach a wider audience. In this blog we go over the main improvements as … Continued Read more.

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