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Happy birthday, Nextcloud!
This month, Nextcloud turns one year! While we built on a long history, it is nice to look back at what we accomplished in the last 12 months since we officially launched. The start When we launched Nextcloud, on June 2 2016, we made it clear that we had one … Continued Read more.
3 reasons for enterprises to take back control by hosting their own data
Whatever your company does to enforce compliance, some of your enterprise data is already floating in one or more Public Clouds. Your employees have to get work done so they circumvent your IT departments’ carefully designed permission structure by sharing documents by Gmail or via Dropbox. The real question thus is … Continued Read more.
privacyIDEA adds a new security layer to Nextcloud
Security has always been Nextcloud’s first priority, and we are always happy when people contribute in this area. Today, we are happy to present you privacyIDEA, a modular authentication system adding a security layer to your existing systems. Quick reminder about two-factor authentication Before we explain what privacyIDEA is, let’s … Continued Read more.
Introducing CiviHosting
We’d like to introduce you to a new member of our hosting community, CiviHosting. CiviHosting is a top-tier hosting firm based in the US with a strong focus on security. Their CTO, Hershel Robinson, has become an active contributor to Nextcloud, helping with code review, security issues, our YouTube videos … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud Validates License Compliance Through OpenChain
Nextcloud is 100% open source, providing protection from the risks caused by mixing proprietary and open source licensed code. Risks for businesses are increasing with the rise of copyright trolls in especially Germany. Black Duck reports in their Open Source Security and Risk Analysis that nearly all of over 1000 … Continued Read more.
3 reasons to upgrade your ownCloud instance to Nextcloud and how easy it is
Since ownCloud 10.0.0 was released, many users have been asking us how to migrate to the latest version of Nextcloud. We have turned our update mechanism into a easy to use migration tool to make it as easy as possible to move over and get the benefits of Nextcloud! In … Continued Read more.
Welcome to Nextcloud 12!
Welcome to Nextcloud 12! After five months of development and three more weeks of intensive testing, we are proud to release the final version of Nextcloud 12 with all its features, fixes and security improvements. With it comes our announcement of Global Scale, which you can read about in our … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud announces Global Scale architecture as part of Nextcloud 12
Together with the availability of Nextcloud 12, we’re proud to announce a new architecture for scaling Nextcloud several orders of magnitude beyond its current limits, lowering costs for medium to large deployments and increasing the flexibility to spread data out between data centers. Named Global Scale, this new architecture has … Continued Read more.
Why Enterprise needs Collaboration
Guest post by Swapnil Bhartiya As everything is moving to the cloud, so is storage. According to a survey by Markets and Markets: The cloud storage market size is estimated to grow from USD 23.76 Billion in 2016 to USD 74.94 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 25.8% from … Continued Read more.
Updates about the Nextcloud Bug Bounty Program
Nearly one year ago we introduced the Nextcloud bug bounty program offering a significant monetary reward for reports of security vulnerabilities within Nextcloud. Security Bug Bounties are a ‘security best practice’ followed by large organizations like Microsoft, Uber, Github, Twitter and Slack which we’ve embraced. We’re proud to offer some … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud and Adfinis SyGroup sign strategic partnership
Today we’re happy to announce another new partner, Adfinis SyGroup, that will be delivering our on-premise secure storage and collaboration solution to the Swiss market. As part of the partnership, Adfinis SyGroup provides comprehensive integration and support services for Nextcloud as part of its diverse portfolio of services for open … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 12 Beta 2 out, get a t-shirt by finding upgrade issues!
We announced Nextcloud 12 Beta 1 to a great deal of press attention. It is a revolutionary release, moving the goal posts for open source file sync and share solutions in terms of capabilities the way Nextcloud 11 raised the bar in terms of security and scalability to a level … Continued Read more.
Collabora Online 2.1 is out with great improvements!
Collabora Online 2.1 was released with a strong focus on improvements in the area of collaboration! Like the Nextcloud 12 Beta, this update introduces features around getting stuff done in teams like comments, change tracking and more. Other improvements include greater performance and scalability and better handling of interoperability with various … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 12 Beta Introduces the Next Generation of Secure Collaboration
Today, we released the beta of Nextcloud 12. This release redefines Enterprise File Sync and Share, bringing it to the next level with built in collaboration and communication capabilities. The Beta builds on the scalability and reliability improvements introduced with Nextcloud 11, bringing a combined doubling of performance and far … Continued Read more.
Security in Nextcloud 12: Bruteforce Protection and Rate Limiting for developers
Security is the biggest strength of Nextcloud and the new release continues our track record of introducing new, innovative technologies to protect Nextcloud servers. In Nextcloud 12, a number of improvements for Bruteforce Protection were made and we introduced Rate Limiting as an option for app developers to make it … Continued Read more.
Nextcloud 12: Redefining File Sync and Share with Collaboration and Communication
With this release Nextcloud is leading in the open source community, taking on the next big challenge for file sync and share technology by integrating collaboration and communication capabilities. Frank blogged on about his vision on the next challenge and in this post we’d like to go over how … Continued Read more.
Discover Nextcloud Groupware App Bundle
Nextcloud 12 introduces App Bundles for easier Nextcloud customization. As an administrator, you can enable all the apps in a bundle at once and enjoy the most relevant apps for your usecase. There are currently three App Bundles: Enterprise (auditing, retention, LDAP, SSO…), Groupware (Calendar, Contacts, Mails…) and Social Sharing … Continued Read more.
Security in Nextcloud 12: new authentication mechanisms
Nextcloud 12’s authentication for clients and third parties has received an overhaul. Nextcloud 12 supports a wide variety of authentication mechanisms including OpenID and OAuth 2.0, Kerberos and others thanks to its ability to authenticate via an environment variable. A major benefit of this approach is that, instead of re-inventing … Continued Read more.

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