Open source dynamics, philosophy, and community: Jos Poortvliet’s Nextcloud insights

June 27, 2024

Brent Gervais

I always say: people come for the technology, and they stay for the people.

Jos Poortvliet
Director of Communications at Nextcloud

Jos Poortvliet, Director of Communications at Nextcloud, shares an insightful conversation with your host Brent Gervais on the world of Nextcloud and open source philosophies.

With a rich history throughout the Linux and open source world – from KDE to openSUSE, GNOME and more – Jos’ insights into the power of community make it clear why the Nextcloud community is an essential aspect of our vision. With so many key community projects getting integrated and supported fully into Nextcloud, the open source lifestyle runs deep in Nextclouders’ culture.

Jos and Brent explore a wide range of topics, including:

  • AI’s impact on Nextcloud and its ideals
  • How Nextclouders approach AI with ethical and thoughtful consideration
  • the beautiful chaos important and necessary in open source communities
  • How security disclosure culture and processes leverage HackerOne’s bounty program
  • The careful blending of business and community in the world of Nextcloud
  • How Nextcloud evolved from file sync & share to a fully integrated content collaboration suite.

If you’re curious about the inner workings, personalities, history and friendships at Nextcloud – this episode has it all!

A thank you to Jupiter Broadcasting for the collaboration on this episode, where Frank and Brent’s conversation originally appeared in part on LINUX Unplugged and here today in full.

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