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Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks.

Hosted in the trusted and security-certified German data centers of IONOS and protected and managed by the capable engineers of Viakom, Nextcloud Hub provides the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.

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With more than eight million customer contracts, IONOS is the leading European provider of cloud infrastructure, cloud services and hosting services. The product portfolio offers everything that companies need to be successful in the cloud: from domains, classic websites and do-it-yourself solutions, online marketing tools to full-fledged servers and an IaaS solution. The portfolio is aimed at freelancers, business people and consumers as well as corporate customers with complex IT requirements. The 1&1 IONOS brand family includes STRATO, Arsys, Fasthosts,, InterNetX, SEDO, United Domains and World4You.

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Viakom GmbH is a managed service provider and software development company specializing in ITC solutions for the B2B market. The Viakom experts and specialists from the sister company Nextrag Solutions GmbH combine know-how in the areas of competence in managed service consulting, software development and sales and support. In-house software developments in the area of ​​(Vo) IP measurement technology and managed services in the area of ​​monitoring have been in use by well-known telecommunications network operators since 2009.

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Nextcloud Files

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Nextcloud Files offers Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile and web interfaces.

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Nextcloud Talk

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Nextcloud Talk delivers on-premises, private audio/video conferencing and text chat through browser and mobile interfaces with integrated screen sharing and SIP integration.

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Nextcloud Groupware

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Nextcloud Groupware integrates Calendar, Contacts, Mail and other productivity features to help teams get their work done faster, easier and on your terms.

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Nextcloud Hub

Nextcloud Hub is the first completely integrated on-premises content collaboration platform on the market, ready for a new generation of users who expect seamless online collaboration capabilities out of the box.


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Protect, control and monitor data and communication across your company. Guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements. Keep your data on servers you own, at all times. Nothing leaks, not even metadata.


Enable productivity across any platform, whether in the office or on the road, to share, collaborate and communicate across organizational boundaries. Nextcloud provides transparent access to data on any storage.


Enjoy constant improvements from a thriving and transparent, entirely open-source community development model, free of lockins or paywalls. Enjoy the benefits of enterprise support when you need it.

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    Price: € 47.50

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    Optional features:

    • The subscription can be cancelled monthly.
    • 5GB storage per user is included. Additional storage is available with prices starting at Eur 2,00/month for 50GB.
    • Multiple backup options available, depending on storage needs.
    • Education and government pricing available with discounts up to 80%. Note this in the form and we will send you an offer.
    • IONOS hosting is currently only available for customers in Europe.